Thursday 29 April 2010

Ballerina bookshelf

Ballerina is known for her flexibility and physically strength. I used those 2 elements to be part of my shelf design where her legs are used to serve as shelf for books. Available in red, white or black. The Ballerina Shelf is 140cm long but can be custom made per request.

Wednesday 28 April 2010


Modern, wall mounted, book shelf Seuk – available in many different finishes and sizes. It can be customized to any space or size and color.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Hoi Magazine chair

This Hoi Magazine chair is a design made for an advertisement campaign by Jules and Jeremy. More than 30 highly respected people from the Dutch press and advertisement world have been photographed in this chair for the campaign. The advertisements have been printed in marketing and ad magazines. The HOI chair is made of quality MDF finished with mat white lacquer. The seat is made of durable sky and the magazines are laying on hardened glass.
116 cm wide x 82 cm deep x 73 cm high
wood: High quality MDF
wood colour: white (or any RAL colour) lacquer (matte, silk or high gloss)
sitting: Polyether SG45 foam with high quality sky
Glass: 2x4mm with foil NEN3569 layered safety glass
Jules and Jeremy

Friday 23 April 2010

Archive IV

ARCHIVE IV challenges space and weight, by hanging from the ceiling. A wooden cylinder, 3 meter in diameter and 3.5 meter high, suspended from above, serves as a sitting area and as an archive for books and music in its inside. The visitor encounters a quiet space for conversation, and in the centre a rope ladder takes the curious to a level above, a micro lounge room, where one can look out into the crowd. From the outside, the introvert character of the structure hides the human body, only revealing feet at floor level, and the heads of visitors that climb to the top.
David Garcia Studio

Thursday 22 April 2010

Walking bookcase

Commissioned by Wallpaper* to perfectly store the Wallpaper* City Guides. When the bookcase is pushed, the legs carry the table along using a complex system of cranks and interconnecting links and rods. Which is almost as clever as the built-in bookends. 
Wouter Scheublin (Creative Review)

Bücherregal chaos theorie

auf den ersten blick fasst diese definition die vermeintliche unordnung des möbelstücks zusammen und verweist auf die theorie der bücher. das bücherregal besticht vielmehr durch ein einfaches grundprinzip mit klarer formen. gefertigt aus 16 millimeter starkem esche massivholz, in cnc-technik die oberfläche geölt – mit dieser optik setzt die chaos theorie akzente. eine konstruktion aus steckverbindungen erlaubt einen auf- und abbau in kürzester zeit. und das ohne jegliches werkzeug. die schiefe anordnung sorgt schließlich dafür, dass sich das möbel selbstständig aussteift und auch großen belastungen vieler bücher standhalten kann.
Manuel Welsky

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Applied literature: Hübler

The Hübler is a creation using concrete – and books with a ‘concrete’ history – in various planimetrical surfaces. The absence of the books, due to their various dimensions, form different shapes of various depths and heights. The result concrete structure will not have a final shape, because, by using it, visitors can change the books or remove them. The politically outdated books have been donated by the Research Institute Library of Radio Free Europe, the once active radio channel, sponsored by the US that fought against the Communism before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The table constitutes a monument to eternal knowledge – set in concrete - and it is a monument to the degeneration of information, to the immortality of the past and to its disintegration, while also offering an opportunity to reflect on the essence of the book.
Ivanka Beton

Monday 19 April 2010

Lotus retro bookshelf

Peter Rosengren

Cabinet chair

Have you just managed to think out of the box? Get back in and Google the world! The first Cabinet Chair was designed for the lobby of a hotel. Guests can have a look at brochures and books in this chair. Moreover, it is possible to use the internet with a build in monitor and keyboard. It’s the perfect information desk with a twist. In libraries, flexible working places, a waiting room or at home it can be a beautiful eye catcher too.

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Saturday 3 April 2010

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30. A Book every Six Days . (Ent.)

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Thursday 1 April 2010

Flying bookshelf

The Flying Bookshelf requires no assembly since each book is fitted with a mechanism which allows it to hover in the air. A new app for the iPhone allows users to emit a bird-like whistle which corresponds to individual titles so that each volume can be delivered to the reader without the need to rise from their chair.
Lipra Olof