Thursday, 10 October 2019

Virginia Woolf Stand Up Desk and Bookshelf

A reproduction of Virginia Woolf's writing desk with bookshelf. Cherry wood with Washington cherry stain and a navy blue leather top.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Tension bookshelf

A bookcase reflecting the theme of tension in city life... the complex forms of highways and the lights of fast-moving cars.
Yeonsu Ra

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

2S Chair bookcase

The 2S Chair is designed to be used, lived and decomposed day by day in a different way, creating the union between aesthetics and function.
Gennaro Attanasio

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Menus That Made History

My third book of the year (no more now until 2020) is out today. I'm really pleased with this, co-written with my friend the actor Vince Franklin (Bodyguard, Thick of It, Cucumber, etc). It's available everywhere people sell good books plus via the usual suspects online. Here's what some famous folk very kindly said about it:

An absolutely riveting book - reading it makes you intelligent, full of brilliant anecdotes - and very hungry indeed.' - Richard Curtis

'This brilliantly conceived and well-researched book is a source of real delight.' - Dr Annie Gray, BBC Radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet

'Superbly written, a complete joy to read, and just about the perfect present for anyone even vaguely interested in food.' - Mark Diacono

'A gastronomic delight. You can savour it a course at a time, or you may consume the whole banquet in one sitting. It's delicious either way - utterly scrumptious, in fact!' - Mike Leigh

And here's the lowdown on what it's all about...
This fascinating miscellany of menus from around the world will educate as well as entertain, delighting both avid foodies and the general reader.

Each menu provides an insight into its particular historical moment - from the typical food on offer in a nineteenth-century workhouse to the opulence of George IV's gargantuan coronation dinner. Some menus are linked with a specific and unforgettable event such as The Hindenburg's last flight menu or the variety of meals on offer for First, Second and Third Class passengers on board RMS Titanic, while others give an insight into sport, such as the 1963 FA Cup Final Dinner or transport and travel with the luxury lunch on board the Orient Express. Also included are literary occasions like Charles' Dickens 1868 dinner at Delmonicos in New York as well as the purely fictional and fantastical fare of Ratty's picnic in The Wind in the Willows.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Edward Lear and the Pussycat: Famous Writers and their Pets

My latest book, Edward Lear and the Pussycat: Famous Writers and their Pets, published by The British Library is out now. Here's some info about it:
Behind every great writer there is a beloved pet, providing inspiration in life and in death, and companionship in what is often a lonely working existence. They also offer practical services, such as personal protection, although they may sometimes eat first drafts, or bite visitors.
This book salutes all of the cats and dogs, ravens and budgerigars, monkeys and guinea pigs, wombats, turtles, and two laughing jackasses, who enriched the lives of their masters and mistresses, sat on their keyboards, slept in their beds, and occasionally provided the creative spark for their stories and poems. Gathered here are the tales of Beatrix Potter’s rabbit, Benjamin Bouncer; Lord Byron’s bear; the six cats of T S Eliot; Camus’ cat, Cigarette; Arthur C Clarke’s dog, Sputnik; and George Orwell’s goat, Muriel. Enid Blyton’s fox terrier, Bobs, ‘wrote’ her columns in Teacher’s World magazine, while John Steinbeck’s poodle accompanied him on his 1960 US road trip, their exploits published as Travels with Charley. Agatha Christie dedicated her 1937 novel Dumb Witness to her favourite dog, Peter – the ultimate tribute.
You can buy copies everywhere good books are sold, online direct from The British Library, and at all other online outlets. Please consider getting it from your local independent bookshop if possible.

The Slightly Foxed Revolving Bookcase

A delicately proportioned revolving bookcase made from solid quartersawn oak or ash with space for books up to 18cm high. The bookcase spins on a sturdy solid wood base using a high quality Lazy Susan bearing set.

Designed by Dominic and Arabella Parish at Wardour Workshops for Slightly Foxed.

Friday, 2 August 2019

LoculaMENTUM bookcase

Designed to meld traditional bookcase appearance with a modern interpretation and a twist. This twist allows for books or other collectible items to be artfully arranged, categorized, presented. Diagonal compartments are the spine of the bookcase, so there is a progression of shapes: from the bottom to the top, creating an uplifting feel that has maximum storage capabilities. This is true to the Bauhaus principle, which denotes “form follows function”.
Designed by Michael Schl├╝tter

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Abacus bookcase

Inspired by the ancient calculation tool and brought an element of play to storing books.
Materials: Oak & steel