Wednesday 27 May 2009


Frame in solid soap treated oak
Shelves in powdercoated steel

Monday 18 May 2009

MPs expense scandal bookshelves

Tam Dalyell, the former Father of the House of Commons, attempted to claim £18,000 for bookcases two months before he retired as an MP. Mr Dalyell wanted to buy a set of 12 designer shelving units for the House of the Binns, the 200-acre estate in Scotland where his family have lived for almost 400 years. He had accumulated a considerable library working as Labour MP for Linlithgow since 1962, and was able to make the claim because he designated one of the estate’s rooms his constituency office.While officials in the fees office told him that the claim was excessive, they agreed to pay £7,800 for book cases from John Lewis. An official told Mr Dalyell that the cases they had selected were from “the middle to upper echelon of the range”.
Daily Telegraph and John Lewis

Richard Younger-Ross, one of his party’s spokesmen on culture, also claimed on his parliamentary expenses for a top-of-the-range stereo system that cost more than £1,100, and a bookcase called the “Don Juan”.His purchases were approved without comment by the Commons authorities even though they are in clear breach of guidelines that state members must not use public funds for “extravagant or luxurious” goods.
Daily Telegraph and Lombok

Friday 15 May 2009

Objektrahmen Pablo Hochformat

"Wie wunderschön" dachte sich Pablo. Dieser herrliche Duft und diese Blüten - ein Bild von einem Blumenstrauss!
Pablo ist ein Objektrahmen. Er gibt den schönsten & liebsten Dingen zuhause endlich ihren angemessenen Platz. In diesem Rahmen werden Erinnerungen an schöne Momente, sowie das bewusste Erleben von Lieblingsgegenständen möglich: Das erste Paar Schuhe,der schöne Bildband, der herrliche Blumenstrauss von dem unbekannten Verehrer, das Souvenir aus dem Sommerurlaub ... So beleuchtet, erstrahlen diese Schmuckstücke immer wieder aufs Neue und erfreuen das Herz.

Thursday 14 May 2009

The Queen's College, Oxford

There has been a library at Queen’s ever since its foundation in 1341 by Robert Eglesfield, Chaplain to Queen Philippa, consort of Edward III. The Upper Library was built between 1692 and 1695 to house large donations from Thomas Barlow, one-time Provost of the College and later Bishop of Lincoln, and from Sir Joseph Williamson.
The Queen's College

Wednesday 13 May 2009


A collection of melted blue furniture by Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt. This completely blue collection is as extraordinary at first sight as it is after close inspection. From afar, the forms look strong, fluid and natural. Even though their bright blue skin is deeply contrasting, the objects are by form connected to whichever surface they rest on. This makes the alienating Melted Collection adapt and become part of their environment. From up close, we notice that the edges of these objects are deformed and melted. The slight gradient of colour that follows the natural curves of the material indicates that these objects were in fact baked to achieve their final forms.
Pieke Bergmans

Tuesday 12 May 2009


Piniwini är en väggfast liten pinne som fungerar som en hylla. Genom en genial konstruktion som är patenterad kan du stapla böcker, tidningar, CD skivor och DVD så att det ser ut som de balanserar på pinnen, maxlast 10kg. Piniwini finns i tre olika längder 120, 175 och 240 mm. Metalldelarna är i borstad rostfritt stål och pinnen är i svart- eller vitbetsad massiv ask. Piniwini är en liten behändig hylla som passar i alla typer av miljöer som i hallen, sovrummet, köket, student-, barn-, hotellrum, i lobby, på cafe, bibliotek - det är fantasin som begränsar!
Design: Linus Svärm
Karl Andersson & Söner

Monday 11 May 2009

Pet cave

Animals' territorial behaviour is innate and essential among them. They always look for a comfortable place to be in. A bookcase PET CAVE provides your pet (dog or cat) with such space. The pet house, which is surrounded by shelves, comes with a little cushion for them to rest in comfortably. The shelves can be used to store books as well as display your favorite objects. Therefore, PET CAVE creates a little space to encourage the relationship between you as owner and your pet.
Size: W1600xH728xD400
Manufacturer: Campeggi Srl
sakura adachi

Friday 8 May 2009

Barrister bookcase

Traditional lawyer glass front bookcases are not only versatile but functional. Our manufacturer has been making these fine solid cases since 1907 and the product has only been IMPROVED through time. Sectional cases offer the option of buying only what you require now. Add more only as you need them. Made of solid wood - oak, birch with cherry stain, walnut, or walnut with mahogany stain. Our cases have equalizers to keep the doors from binding and allow one handed operation. In situations where books are continually in use, these sectional doors are preferable for easy accessibility.
For Counsel

Wednesday 6 May 2009


Struttura aluminium Silver
Schienali mdf silver e rosso
Misure L.730 x H.412 x P.34

Monday 4 May 2009


Crash plays with the visual tension between chaos and order: the shape might be perceived as chaotic and out of angle, yet the construction is highly stabile. Each panel slots and interlocks itself with each other, creating a stabile structure without any metal parts or glue. Crash can be used as bookshelf standing next to walls or as a stand-alone room-divider. The bookshelf is easy and fast to assemble and disassemble without the help of any tools.
Rainer Mutsch

Friday 1 May 2009