Sunday 25 November 2012


Boekenwurm is het sculpturale antwoord op een opdracht om een organische boekenkast te ontwerpen en produceren. De kast biedt door de gebogen vorm ook een plek om te zitten en relaxen. De zelfdragende vorm bestaat uit drie, op locatie gemonteerde, delen en blijft in balans door een rvs poot in de zijwand. De gebogen vorm is gemaakt door dunne lagen MDF en buigplex te buigen langs op maat gemaakte mallen. De buitenwanden zijn in kleur gespoten, de binnenzijde in fris wit. Een lamp hangend aan de bovenzijde van de wurm zorgt voor de leesverlichting. Boekenwurm wordt op aanvraag geproduceerd. De buitenzijde van de kast is in verschillende kleuren verkrijgbaar.
Atelier 010

Thursday 22 November 2012

Inner shelf

Roosje de Groot is fascinated by Padauk, an African wood that is bright orange-red when freshly sawn. Under the influence of the sun it changes into a dark brown over time. Inner Shelf plays with this phenomenon. Upon opening the shelf shows this intense colour, but soon it shows the signs of use. While noncovered parts change colour, objects that stay put on the shelf leave an orange 'print'. If you want to keep the original colour, just leave it closed to keep the sunlight off. This way a shelf on the wall becomes an emotional object to be cherished.
Roosje de Groot

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Free & Captive Bookcase

A bookrack design which reflects the ideas of "freefeeling", "living the things in a spontaneous way-not in same order which is familiar"
Hazan Kara

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Bookshelf book reviewed in Chicago Tribune

"Bookshelf" is less about the peeping-Tom qualities of a good bookshelf book than unmitigated jealousy. It is by a British author who, his bio says, "runs the Shedworking website for homeowners with garden offices," a remarkable job that certainly warrants a book on the art of garden offices, whatever those might be. Instead Johnson stays true to "Bookshelf." It is 268 pages of inventive shelving. You will want to buy most of these — the Pac-Man shelf, the hollow arrow with room for one title — but most will require many frequent flier miles to purchase.
Christopher Borrelli, Chicago Tribune

Even in Nook and iPad age, home libraries still in demand

In the age of the iPad, has the home library become a quaint relic of the past, more often encountered in a novel than in real life? Not according to a number of architects interviewed for this article. Although their clients read e-books on Kindles and Nooks and iPads, they still own substantial numbers of books. When they can afford it, a special place in the house for a bona fide library is not an unusual request. If the budget does not stretch that far, homeowners still want bookcases incorporated into their living spaces.
Katherine Salant, Herald Tribune

Monday 19 November 2012


This ladder like shelf is the perfect place to keep your favorite books and magazines looking great in your home or at the office. Behind Verso is the designer Mikko Halonen from Finland. Verso was the winning piece in a competition together with a local publishing company with the brief to find a modern design for a series of classic books that was released in pocket format.
one nordic

Sunday 18 November 2012

Out of Touch: E-reading isn’t reading.

Amid the seemingly endless debates today about the future of reading, there remains one salient, yet often overlooked fact: Reading isn’t only a matter of our brains; it’s something that we do with our bodies. Reading is an integral part of our lived experience, our sense of being in the world, even if at times this can mean feeling intensely apart from it. How we hold our reading materials, how we look at them, navigate them, take notes on them, share them, play with them, even where we read them—these are the categories that have mattered most to us as readers throughout the long and varied history of reading. They will no doubt continue to do so into the future. Andrew Piper, Slate

Friday 16 November 2012

Thursday 15 November 2012


Un librero que funciona como cualquier otro, con la gracia de que se puede usar como divisor de espacios por su ligereza y doble vista. Está fabricado en madera de Nogal certificada con ISO 14,000. Acabado con cera natural de abeja libre de químicos dañinos y 100% mexicana. Medidas: 230cm frente x 35cm ancho x 138 cm de altura.

Tuesday 13 November 2012


Each shelf is tilting in opposing directions as though they are trying to separate, in turn, creating a mirror image, thus symmetry... The shelves are built of hardwood ply and feature solid oak and oak ply shelves/tops. Finished in flat black enamel with stained red oak shelves and tops. Then, hand waxed to seal/preserve the finish. Dims: 48"H x 39.5"W x 10" D

Friday 9 November 2012

Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace

A perfect gift for the book-lover in your life! I make these necklaces from wood and polymer clay. You can even see the white pages of the books from the top. I make them with love and detail!
My Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace is roughly painted cream colour, with brown white and pink books. It stands 1.5 inches tall, and is varnished for strength and durability. It is strung on an 18" bronze chain (silver plated, platinum plated, and gold plated findings are available - please request at purchase!). It also has a cream coloured bow secured to the side of the chain.

Thursday 8 November 2012


Connect is equipped with a space on each arm to have the books on hand and with its flat base armrest you can work comfortably.
Joan Rojeski

Monday 5 November 2012

Where there's books there's brass

"I hate to break it to you," I say, using my gentle voice, "but the age of the printed book is over. People don't read, and those who do use screens. Screens. They're like fast zoetropes."
"But that's precisely it!" he says exultantly. "Production of paper books will cease. Those that remain will become sought-after items. Think of all the rubbish that has become valuable, even in our own lifetimes. Cigarette cards! Rotary phones! NatWest pig piggy banks! If you'd just kept your blue Leeds building society coin saver tube, we could have retired to Buenos Aires by now. We are sitting on a potential goldmine."
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian