Tuesday 29 December 2015


Ernest Race was invited by Jack Pritchard to redesign Egon Riss’s original Isokon Penguin Donkey and Bottleship in 1963. For his Bottleship Mark 2, Race developed a piece of similar dimensions to the Donkey but with a hinged lid under which glasses and bottles are stored creating a cross between a mini-bar and side table.

Monday 21 December 2015


Cuerda from Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman on Vimeo.

Un poco aludiendo a las cuerdas de un ring de boxeo y la idea de una celosia, este rack sin puertas tradicionales deja ver su interior de forma simple con la cuerda elastica de protagonista, con esto buscaba hacer algo entretenido sin mayor complicación.
Emmanuel Gonzalez

Monday 14 December 2015

Is there still any point collecting books?

"Books breathe as trees breathe. When all the books have gone our mental climate will have changed. It's a question whether we'll survive. Technology cannot replace a book. No matter that I can quickly find a digital version of a novel I'm looking for, I still fly into a rage when I discover I no longer have it, and remember who borrowed and didn't return it, five, 10, 20 years ago. For it is irreplaceable. It has my scribblings in it. The marginal expletives. The turned-down pages. The bus ticket or taxi receipt or even billet doux employed as a bookmark - not just the marginalia of an intellectual life but the detritus of the heart. And that you don't get on a Kindle, or a free e-book courtesy of Project Gutenberg. What you can't bend or throw or write on isn't, in the end, literature."
Howard Jacobson. More at BBC

Thursday 3 December 2015

Book Pedlar

A mobile bookstore on a Classic No. 33 Pashley cargo bicycle that allows for great books [have a close look at the stock...] to infiltrate the streets.
The National Design Collective