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"This charming book, with gorgeous illustrations from James Oses, gives colour to any bookworm’s curiosity and illuminates how their favourite authors interpreted ‘a room of one’s own’."

"The British Library has recently published How To Give Your Child A Lifelong Love of Reading to do just what is says in the title. It is a manual for parents, teachers and carers alike who can explore the world of books with their children and open their minds up to both fact and fiction."

"wonderfully quirky and so much fun to dip into"
Fine Books & Collections 

"the perfect stocking filler for people who love books and pets. And trivia."
Interesting Literature

"Book lovers will find it amusing and a little tongue in cheek, but there are some really good narratives, along with essays and poems that I found rather fabulous."
Postcard Reviews

"A must-have for explorers and bookworms alike"

"The perfect ‘dipping’ book for the book-lover, and it’s not just a dry series of lists with barely any gloss or further information. Alex Johnson’s descriptions of the book lists, his review of their contents and what they signify, also make for edifying reading."

"Johnson's book is upbeat and undeniably a passion project. He is primarily a journalist, and it shows in the range of locations and the breadth of the reporting he presents, which, along with the beautiful color photography abundant throughout the book, make it a valuable visual culture book that doubles as a travel resource"

In this day of e-readers and downloads, it is refreshing to see a celebration of the real thing - books. Bookshelf does so in a relevant rather than nostalgic way, taking a look at clever, beautiful and useful examples of modern shelving design."
The Daily Telegraph

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