Tuesday 29 July 2008

Bookshelf goes on holiday

Bookshelf is taking a short break. We'll be back in a couple of weeks with more bookshelves, bookcases and things that look like them.

Jo Colombo Continental Bookcase

Designed by Colombo back in 1965 and based loosely on shop-style shelving, this authorised reissue (and 'special edition', which usually means it's unlikely to be around for long) is produced by Spazio Pontaccio, but is available worldwide from its clients. Choose from three sizes and a choice of finish (wenge, chestnut, white, black, red or ivory), all with that distinctive 3D-style look over two segments and ample room for books of various sizes.
Retro to go

Saturday 26 July 2008

Cityscape (Dublin)

Cityscape is the first of a number of cityscapes to be loosely represented as a coffee table. The cityscape offers convenient storage compartments which help to hide clutter. Lacquered MDF, walnut veneer.
Vaugh Shannon

Friday 25 July 2008

Brass bookshelf

Circa 1920, Austrian brass tabletop revolving bookcase. Four sides with pressed griffin decorated panels. 9"H x 11 3/4"SQ, original patinated surface, missing center finial.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Pocket bookshelf

Pocket is the ultimate bookshelf made for paperback books. It is available in white with green, black, blue, red or orange backside. Designer - Karin Nyberg. Lacquered MDF. Length 1222 mm, width 670 mm, depth 20 mm.
Scandinavian Design Center

Monday 21 July 2008

Biblioteca bookshelf

Design: Matt Carr
Carr found inspiration when he found two vintage coffee tables. Creating a bookrack for his own home. He configured them ingeniously to give these tables a new life as bookshelves. This design is now recreated with a mahongany natural top and black lacquered legs.
44 x 37 x 11" (111 x 93 x 20cm).

Sunday 20 July 2008

Thursday 17 July 2008

Looking at libraries

Looking at libraries: defining space through content.Senior grad project at the Emliy Carr University under the supervision of professor Sandra Hoffmann Robbiani.
Valerie Madill

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Bookcase No 9 and No 12

Bookcase No 9 (above), painted wood, 48x20x16. No 12 (below), dyed and glazed oak.
Vincent Thomas Leman

Tuesday 15 July 2008


Librerie - espositori in cristallo con piedini in alluminio, disponibili in due altezze e due larghezze. I ripiani, posizionabili a piacere, sono disponibili in cristallo, in multistrato di legno o in multistrato di legno curvato in radiofrequenza nelle finiture teak o wengè.

Monday 14 July 2008


Accessible from both sides, this bookcase is ideal for collections that vary in size. Drawing one short balsa plank to its limit through the MDF frame creates a shelf while modifying the space on its opposite side, making room for a taller book. A locking system installed inside each shelf prevents it from being pulled through the bookcase. (Designer: Mass, France)

Friday 11 July 2008


Designer: Terry Schreuer & Alon Razgour, Israel. This ’shelf’ features a wood base and relies on simple spring mechanics. Place a book on the row of blow-moulded plastic blades and its weight pushes down metal springs concealed in the units it rests on. Supported on either side by unweighted blades, the book maintains an upright position.

Monday 7 July 2008

Torres de Satélite

NEL reincarnate the Torres de Satélite (Mexico City’s ‘Satellite Towers’) as five trapezoidal bookshelves of the same name. The pieces in birch and walnut plywood feature a coloured side surface that refers to the ones chosen by artists Mathias Goeritz and Chucho Reyes for the original towers.

Saturday 5 July 2008


Quetza is a bookshelf that roughly resembles the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl who was shaped after a feathered snake. The piece can be leaned against a wall or supported by a table or chair. As it appears in pre-hispanic architecture, the snake descends to the ground as if sliding down a staircase.

Friday 4 July 2008

Pack of dogs

A series of multifunction pieces based roughly on the shape of a dog, in different sizes and positions. These characters, named after famous Mexican wrestlers (/Dos caras Jr, Aguayo, Superastro, El Santo, Alushe /and/ Místico/) may work as a side table, stool, bench, bookshelf, magazine rack, newspaper holder, bookends, etc. By the way each piece is used, and the objects that interact with it, a different story is told. The pieces are made in different materials and processes. The pieces were manufactured by way of traditional woodworking techniques using scraps of solid wood such as tzalam, ash, red oak, poplar, alder, walnut, and pine. Through the combination and size of the pieces used each piece is given a unique character.

Thursday 3 July 2008


Because I love bookstores. Spending afternoons wandering the shelves. Happening across great books I didn't even know existed. But it's an experience I never found online. Online bookstores are wonderful. They've got amazing prices, huge selections, and they're open all the time. If you know exactly what you want, they're perfect. But somehow I kept coming back to the bookstore just to browse. Zoomii is my attempt to bring online as much of the real bookstore experience as possible.
Chris Thiessen

Tuesday 1 July 2008


Marino Rossato, 2007. White coated modular bookcase with or without coloured back. Dimension: cm. 90x90 deep. cm. 24

Considering it just a bookcase will mean diminishing its value, Trilli is a wall ‘sculpture’ composed by versatile suspended wall units, to be shaped in a creative way.
The base module (90x90 cm.) is realised in P.E. (polyurethane foam) lacquered glossy white. It can be customised thanks to methacrylate backs, available in six chromatic variances: orange, red, light blue, fuchsia, green and black. The different shape and deepness of the modules (12, 18 and 24 cm.) design empty and filled volumes.The module can be used singularly or flanked to other modules, creating a facade in movement. Trilli is a decorative-functional object that leaves to the final user a free interpretation of its use and confreres character to the house.


The shape of the shelving unit recalls rocks rising steeply out of the sea, natural cliff faces created by the constant action of waves and strong winds.

The shelving unit tells a story about nature. The angled shelves, jutting out from the uprights and producing a play of light and shade, give a new dimension to the space. The sectional shelving unit in MDF (8 mm thick) with matt white lacquer and matt silver lacquer finish is designed for fixing to the wall (brackets provided). Each module consists of 4 oblique columns (not parallel to the wall) with fixed protruding shelves at differing intervals, and adjustable feet. To change the oblique angle from right to left or vice versa, turn the shelving unit upside down.
Kazuhiro Yamanaka and Bon Luxat