Monday 31 December 2007

Between Lines

Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner of WOKmedia presented a new shelving system called ‘Between Lines’ during Design Miami in December 2007. The work consists of seven mirror polished, stainless steel letter strings. The one-off edition piece marks the first set of a production line which will be launched in Milan 2008 and will be available in a rubber coated finish. Each of the 2.70 meter letter strings can be coiled up to a small roll, unfolded and reshaped to an infinite array of configurations. Without additional brackets the letter strings are simply screwed to the wall. When letters get mixed up, repeated, or when content gets confused and explanation fails an explosion of letters creates an unorganized support to hold our literature. Giving insight rather in closing its content which is to often covered with dust. Offering the possibilities to present them open rather having them closed and inviting to read ‘Between the Lines’


"The piece is a response to the flooded, jungley environment we were suddenly thrown into when we went to work in Sri Lanka, and the culture shock we experienced. We wanted to take something of the feeling of the flooded environment home, a seed of the jungle to plant in your house which might invade it and take over. We took the image of partially submerged trees and translated it into shelves that have both the qualities of the overgrown lake that surrounded us and the quietness of European furniture."