Sunday 31 October 2010

Woolly secret room

Siol Studios' woolly secret room behind a pivoting bookshelf at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase is discovered by its target audience: kids.
San Francisco Chronicle

Friday 29 October 2010


You may use both Aakkoset's obverse and reverse to hold books, CDs, magazines et cetera. As a room divider, you may also choose to leave it empty.


Konnex is aimed at people who enjoy constantly redesigning and organising their surroundings. and with this innovative new slot-in system, exactly that is possible.  A basic set, comprising three modules, can be individually arranged to form a shelf unit. in addition, different numbers of basic sets can be added to form a unique shelf space: the comb-like slits are inserted into the side walls of another cube to form a large shelving system.

Thursday 28 October 2010


Juniper ushers in tree-lines and canopies within the confines of your living space.
Kenneth Cobonpue

Tuesday 26 October 2010




Modular methacrylate bookcase. The elements can be joined among themselves by metallic bolts, you can combine them in order to get a lot of arrangements.
Design: Marianna Contaldo e Francesco Esposito

Monday 25 October 2010


* description/ tall open book shelf, freestanding or attached to a wall
* dimensions/ 20”x8”x50”
* materials/ powder coated steel frame
* choice of colors/ frame: black, silver, red

Sunday 24 October 2010

Books installation

This architectural installation of a wave-like modular book structure and a cylindrical space shows the intensive spatial atmosphere exerted by books. The open installation condenses the intimate feeling of old libraries from which anybody finds it hard to escape. Large used books of outdated titles and too old to be read, are assembled with a special designed metal connector. An endless modular meta-grid applies its function to walls, room dividers or shelves.

Ideally the developing structure is a personalised object. Old books find a new use which have been collected through a lifetime - the ‘books’ structure will be like no other, a distinctive modular wall is created!

studio aisslinger

Friday 22 October 2010

Hampshire Step Shelf

Inspired by a classic library stair, the Hampshire Step Shelf offers a unique way to display books, plants and collectibles. Three stepped shelves create depth, allowing you to enjoy the details of each displayed item up close. Crafted of wood with rich mocha finish.
Ballard Designs

Thursday 21 October 2010


Winner of the Coup de Coeur award at the 2009 Maison & Objet show in Paris, exclusively at CB2. Three-hive open pyramid stacks to display magazines, books, objects. Wood composite with matte white finish.

Monday 18 October 2010

Book Nook

This Library playhouse is just the right size for young children to explore and was built out of hundreds of discarded children’s books by Nathan Nissen, a University of Iowa Civil Engineering graduate student. The Book Nook was finished and painted by Iowa City artist Deanne Wortman and her woodworker son, Eric Wortman.
Iowa City Public Library

Thursday 14 October 2010

Ad Hoc bookcase

A Mid-Century-inspired bookcase with an angular design and turned, wood spindle legs. Sliding, burnished doors with perforated detail; duo of shelves at the inside. Solid at the back.
Urban Outfitters

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Keep it like a Secret

Keep it like a Secret tries to dissolve the archetypical shape of a shelf by duplication and displacement. Thereby some unconvenient spaces are created, open to several storing purposes.
material: film-faced plywood
dimensions: 95 (w) x 186 (h) x 54 (d) cm
Studio Proxy

Monday 11 October 2010

Mellow Shelf: versions 1 and 2

Establish a relationship between the convenience and the playful, taking advantage of the material flexibility. The modules allow users to choose the appearance of the bookshelf by adding or removing modules, according to their needs and available space. Modularity also allows playing with shapes and colors. The result may be a bookcase that has one, two, or many colors. Finally, no matter how large or small, high or low this bookcase can be, the fun is to have a modular and flexible bookcase that deforms under the weight of books and objects and can be always changing appearance.
Baita Design

Tree library


Wednesday 6 October 2010


Rolling shelf
Material: expanded polypropylene
Dimensions: D.122 cm w.29 cm
Michael Bihain

Lighthouse travelling library

Lighthouses were often time located in remote areas and as such had no access to city services such as libraries, opera houses, entertainment, etc. that most people enjoyed who lived in a town or city. As light keeping was a lonely profession in most cases supplies were brought to them by lighthouse tender ships. One of the items the tender supplied was a library box on each visit as pictured. Library boxes were filled with books and switched from station to station to supply different reading materials to the families.
Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy

Tuesday 5 October 2010


Libreria modulare di tessuto con struttura in alluminio. Puo assumere molteplici configurazioni a seconda delle esigenze. Gli oggetti interagiscono tra loro. Versatile, colorata, divertente.
Alessandro De Dominicis

Monday 4 October 2010

Bike Shelf

Made from solid wood (in this case, Walnut) and suspended by a solid steel square rod mount, this shelf can hold both your bike, as well as anything else you want on it quite easily. If you want to just showcase your bike, that’s fine, but if you want to utilize the space for books, flowers, bike accessories, etc., that’s what it’s there for.
Knife & Saw

Friday 1 October 2010


Paperback is a wall system. Strength of the design is that it absorbes a minimum of space in your interior, but at the same time has a striking appearance. By completing the Paperback with books, CDs or little glass or ceramic products, it gets a very own, almost custom made chart and set of colours. Paperback can be used as a small, big or even wall-to-wall system and is standard available in white.
Studio Parade