Saturday 31 March 2012

How to reorganise your bookshelf using the honesty system

I reorganised my book collection a couple of weeks ago. I'd been meaning to do this for three or four years for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because I wanted to find a scheme where I didn't get the constant sense that the worthy books I'd repeatedly chickened out of reading were getting together to look down their noses and whisper about me.
The Guardian

Friday 30 March 2012

Thursday 29 March 2012


Pied-de-Poule est un concept de rangement mural modulaire reproduisant le motif pied-de-poule. Son installation est possible même dans un endroit très exiguë, en raison de sa modularité exceptionnelle. De part son graphisme original, il représente une nouvelle vision du rangement mural à la fois esthétique et pratique. Et tout cela pour un coût modique qui variera en fonction du nombre d'éléments désirés. Coût de fabrication peu élevée en raison des matériaux utilisés : bois aggloméré écologique et stratifié. Mise en place facile, grâce à deux vis.
Julia Quancard

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Canto Corner

Versatile shelving units which make use of dead corner space to acommodate books of varying depths and sizes.
Andre Pereira

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Tuesday 20 March 2012


Juliette est une étagère murale en acier laqué qui trouve sa place dans toutes les pièces de la maison: salon, salle à manger, cuisine, bureau, salle de bain, le long d'un mur ou en séparation de pièce. Couleurs disponibles : blanc, noir, bleu canard, rouge orangé, jaune.
Jean Marc Gady

Monday 19 March 2012

The Give and Take

People coming and going constantly filter through Union Station, a working piece of the city’s history. But in between being on the go, there can be plenty of waiting for a train or bus, and the Friends of the Worcester Public Library hope people take advantage of the downtime to read a book from The Give and Take, a bookshelf of free titles for people to peruse and even take with them.
More at Worcester Telegram


A collection of stackable units for storage and display of magazines, books and plants in public and private spaces. The system consists of four parts, a frame and a house, high and low unit. The units can be combined in different ways, for example as a shelf or a room divider. Only the imagination sets the limits.

Sunday 18 March 2012

The Way We Read Now

Are some reading materials better suited to one platform than another? Does Philip Larkin feel at home on an iPad, and Lorrie Moore on a Kindle? Can I make a Kay Ryan poem my ringtone? Will any gizmo make “The Fountainhead” palatable? Books used to pile up by my bedside; sometimes it now seems that gadgets do, the standby power of their LED lights staring at me like unfed dogs.
More at New York Times

The Problem With the Web and E-Books Is That There’s No Space for Them

The web and e-books have upsides physical libraries do not, of course, but they are deeply lacking in spatial navigability, and so they don't yet serve the brain-extension role that is within their potential. We should embrace the new technologies, but utilize them in novel ways that take seriously the topography of the information.
More at Psychology Today

Wednesday 14 March 2012

La Ruche

Inspired by both the natural shelter built by bees and traditional forms of Arab Andalusian architecture.
Mostapha El Oulhani for Darenart

Tuesday 13 March 2012

The CSB-1

Inspired by Isokon’s Penguin Donkey, the Chair Side Bookcase was created for us and is exclusive to BOOK/SHOP. A sturdy little animal, it has two sides; each proportioned for different media. It holds paperbacks, hardbacks, cds, lps, magazines and art books with ease– and all at the same time. White painted and edge-banded MDF with birch legs. Made by hand in California. Price includes shipping in the continental USA. 20" W x 14" D x 18.25" H
Erik Heywood for BOOK/SHOP

Monday 12 March 2012

The Book

What is a book if it is not only a carrier of written words? What else is attached to these objects, besides their content? For ‘The Book’ I created artifacts of my own book collection, focusing on the memory connected to these objects or their physical condition. The bookshelf has been adapted to underline each book’s position, and to house an archive of memories
Isabelle Vaverka

Saturday 10 March 2012

Outfoxing the digital revolution

"Though the middle ground may eventually disappear – paperback fiction, for example – the ongoing rise of ebooks should actually encourage the making of beautiful physical books. Readers want the volumes they keep on their shelves to be as striking and as sensory as possible."
The Daily Telegraph

Friday 9 March 2012


A site specific sculpture created by local artist David Harper, installed in the sculpture court at Cazenovia College’s Art and Design building on Sullivan Street in Cazenovia. The theme for Harper’s installation: “these trees shall be my books,” comes from William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” but the goal of the work goes far beyond Orlando’s wish to immortalize Rosalind. Harper seeks to immortalize the love of knowledge, and the homage owed to the living things we use to create stores of knowledge for all to study. “STACKS” captures the transformation from living tree to store of knowledge.
Cazenovia College
David Harper

Thursday 8 March 2012


Tuberack is a shelf/space divider assembled without screws or glue but strongly held together by rubber tubes. The tubes make a random pattern that can be used to display books or other items. Tuberack is made out of solid oak and comes in a flat package, easy to assemble.
Joeri Reynaer

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Win a copy of Bookshelf and appear on this blog

Got a unique bookshelf worthy of our attention? Know somebody doing amazing things with bookshelf design?

Tag Thames & Hudson in a photo of it on Facebook if you think it should win the 'Best Bookshelf' title. We will choose the most curious design at the end of March and the winner will receive a copy of Bookshelf as well as a mention on this blog.

For some ideas of what grabs our attention, see this Guardian gallery inspired by the book, and why not share this with somebody you know with their own interesting bookshelf?

Sunday 4 March 2012


Who said shelves shouldn't wobble!? Es is proud of its urge to move around, and still it works. Es is everything: clothes rack, key box, towel rack, wine store, file or book shelf, storage cabinet or newspaper stand — Es is simply wonderful! Es, for the joy of wobbling.
Nils Holger Moormann, Konstantin Grcic

Friday 2 March 2012

Car bookshelf


Bookshelf book featured in The Guardian

Most of us can only aspire to Ikea, but Alex Johnson's Bookshelf takes a beguiling look at the possibilities available if your budget, your rooms and your library are big enough.
The Guardian

Thursday 1 March 2012

Take a shelve

Stacked chairs require space. Take a shelve makes this space functional as bookshelves or a small table. This prototype is made out of birch plywood.
Joeri Reynaert