Friday 30 January 2009

Bookshelf bookends

Vintage electroformed polychrome Scholar on step ladder bookends by Marion Bronze. Circa 1920's (5"W x 7.5"T x 4.5"D)
Everything But The Books

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Crisis shelf

A piece of furniture reminding us of the times we are living, the valuables of our society, the needs we have and some of the matters that worry us. The shelf has various permanent objects which represent and substitute some of the valuables of today

Tuesday 27 January 2009


Like all tables and small tables in the collection, the small Lens bookcase features a back made up of two sheets of glass with a special film inside, which create a clear surface full of depth and a kaleidoscopic effect reminiscent of leadsealed glass façades in 18th century Venetian palaces.
Patricia Urquiola

Monday 26 January 2009

Perriand bookshelves

Bookshelves, ca.1950. Bent steel and wood. 78 x 140 x 23,5cm. Charlotte Perriand, Ateliers Jean Prouvé.
Galerie Patrick Seguin

Saturday 24 January 2009


Softshelf is inspired by the idea of creating a bookshelf that deforms the rational cellular grid in order to create a custom occupiable, differentiated, and soft space for the storage of books and other objects. It is fully customizable by manipulating five customer controls embedded in a parametric design system: overall size of the shelf, overall geometric effect of the shrinking and expanding of boxes, the strength of this geometric effect on the entire shelf system, the curvature shape of the shelf, and the stretched shape of the boxes. Softshelf takes advantage of the rigidity and fluidity of wood combined with the precision of CNC milling technology to create a monolithic and continuous form, sturdy yet geometrically complex, and ultimately innovative.Softrigid

Monday 19 January 2009


Der Daywriter hat alles, was man von einem guten Heimcomputer erwartet. Ohne Angst vor Datenverlust können Sie den Schieferblock mit Ihrer Lieblingsliteratur beladen. Mit Tafelkreide können homemails für Ihre Liebsten geschrieben und nach Bedarf mit der bewährten “Schwamm drüber“- Methode gelöscht werden. Daywriter, das erste interaktive Möbel der Welt mit dreidimensionaler Benutzeroberfläche.
Peter Freund

Sunday 18 January 2009

Bibliothèque Réaction

A cross-section of a space lab in which we pursue our literary discoveries, Reaction participates in the perception of the piecemeal world that surrounds us. Micro-architecture for the interior, scenographic expression of exterior reality, Reaction prepares us for our return to the land of noise. Designer: Olivier Peyricot

Friday 16 January 2009

Billy's brother

This is an hybrid between an ordinary bookshelf and a sculpture.The shelves are displaced in a wave like motion. This creates an interesting expression and a playful meeting between the wall and the floor.


Good as gold

The Plaza Branch of The Kansas City Public Library has a sculpture, titled “Good As Gold,” created by internationally known artist, Donald Lipski. The 500 pound sculpture was installed on August 2, 2005 and Mr. Lipski attended the installation and presented informative slides while he discussed his body of work, as well as the Plaza's sculpture. “Good As Gold,” purchased at a cost of $34,000, stands eight feet high and is a continuous loop of books resting on steel feet. Holes drilled into the books were strung like beads onto a steel bar. Lipski stated that the project took “two to three months” from inception to completion.
Most of the books looped into the sculpture came from the Book Barn in Bridgehampton, New York and were selected by Lipski based on size, color, and subject matter. As a special addition, a few books at the base of the sculpture are withdrawn items from The Kansas City Public Library's collection. The title of the sculpture in named after author Joseph Heller's novel “Good as Gold”.
Photo: GwENvision

Thursday 15 January 2009

Globe Wernicke Corner Bookcase

An American businessman Henry C. Yeiser set up a furniture factory called The Globe Files Co in Cincinnati in 1882. The factory started manufacturing office and filing furniture. In about the same time, a furniture factory called The Wernicke Co was set up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A few years later The Wernicke Co designed a bookcase, which consisted of different sized glass cabinet components. By stacking these components on top of and beside one another, you could create different wholes.
The Arts & Crafts Home/Vintage Office

Wednesday 14 January 2009


Book-shelf unit - with a distinctive feature - with wooden structure covered with veneer. Equipped with 3 drawers and 1 upper door, with polished steel or wooden or lacquered frontal panels. Design Evgenij V. Poliantsev

Friday 9 January 2009


Bookshelves often seem to burst. You always try to squeeze in another book into the last gap which is far too narrow. „Platzhalter“ gives in to force and makes space for more books by literally bursting. An initially hidden board stretches between the split halves and widens the usable surface. The more books you add to the shelf, the wider it opens. The classical rectangular shape turns into a V-shaped outline until the shelf reaches itsdefined limit.
Farsen Schollhammer

Monday 5 January 2009

Folding bookcase

This narrow bookshelf is ideal for books and collectibles in the living room, office or any room! Made of solid wood, this bookcase folds easily for storage and mobility. Four shelves offer ample storage, and the narrow design is a guaranteed space saver.
Stacks and Stacks

Saturday 3 January 2009

Trompe l'oeil

This Trompe l'oeil bookcase is actually doors leading into a dining room.
Painted Worlds