Friday 16 January 2009

Good as gold

The Plaza Branch of The Kansas City Public Library has a sculpture, titled “Good As Gold,” created by internationally known artist, Donald Lipski. The 500 pound sculpture was installed on August 2, 2005 and Mr. Lipski attended the installation and presented informative slides while he discussed his body of work, as well as the Plaza's sculpture. “Good As Gold,” purchased at a cost of $34,000, stands eight feet high and is a continuous loop of books resting on steel feet. Holes drilled into the books were strung like beads onto a steel bar. Lipski stated that the project took “two to three months” from inception to completion.
Most of the books looped into the sculpture came from the Book Barn in Bridgehampton, New York and were selected by Lipski based on size, color, and subject matter. As a special addition, a few books at the base of the sculpture are withdrawn items from The Kansas City Public Library's collection. The title of the sculpture in named after author Joseph Heller's novel “Good as Gold”.
Photo: GwENvision

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