Wednesday 30 January 2008


The inspiration for Opus Shelving (2000) came to designer Sean Yoo during a trip to Pompeii. While walking through the streets of the archaeological site, the designer was struck by a Roman wall-building technique known as “opus incertum,” which is characterized by a distinctively erratic combination of blocks. Yoo went on to observe this layout of elements elsewhere, from dried-up lake beds in the deserts of Las Vegas to the sidewalks of Los Angeles. He took this familiar pattern and adapted it into shelving that’s made from 100% recyclable expanded polypropylene – the same material chosen for motorcycle helmets due to its light weight and durability.
Design Within Reach

Ashland revolving book table

Think of it as a "Lazy Susan" for the bibliophile! Once stored in this handsome, distressed-pine-finished table, dozens of books will be within reach of your favorite reading chair. Handcrafted of wood and wood veneers, our round table features two bookshelves, each with four divided compartments and elegant medallion accents. 23-1/2" dia.; 28-3/8"H. Imported. Antique pine finish. Assembly required.
Montgomery Ward

Thursday 24 January 2008


Design Daniele Lago, 1997. One cube, two cubes, a “net” of cubes with 40-cm-long sides that can be mixed and matched. Everyone can create a bookcase tailored to their needs and taste. Net expands the boundaries of creativity and space, because it easily adapts to any environment by separating areas and creating new ones.

Bookcases Photo Half Murals

Height-8 ft 4 in
Width-6 ft 4 in
4 Sections
Creative Wallcovering

Book Shelf

* A book shelf cleverly disguised as a French novel.
* Works in the same way as a floating shelf.
* Two screws and two raw plugs included.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+ (strictly adults only to operate a drill and fix to wall).
* Size: 22 x 15 x 3cm.
I Want One Of Those

Wednesday 23 January 2008


Every book tells its own story. Every book has its own weight. By playing with balance, the See-Saw bookshelf visualizes the breadth of our home libraries. Is Kafka truly heavier than the latest issue of Vogue?..
shelf: 47.25" x 9.8" x 2"
stand: 13.75"
Materials: Walnut wood with powder coated steel parts.


A wall bookcase with a totally new shelf system, designed to emphasize illustrated books. Available in two sizes and upon request in modular panels, with colors that can be mixed and matched.
Nobody and Co

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Angled bookshelf

This design enhances the utility of the ordinary bookshelf by providing shelving which requires no bookends or heavy-handed adjustments when a book is removed from the stack. It's simplicity also adds elegance without removing any previous storage or decorative capabilities. The bookshelf was also designed to accentuate the objects it held, and give a sense of lightness. Thus, the pieces were kept thin and the amount of joints were kept to a minimum. The flow of the wood grain continues from the angled sections to the horizontal, by use of an angled biscuit joint. To increase its modularity, the rest of the dado joints are held together with removable screws. In addition, the triangular book-rests are made of frosted acrylic so that a light source may be added to create an illuminating effect.
David Ngo


An artist creativity combined with a great company’s technology, gives life to a bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary: Bookworm, the flexible bookshelf. A careful analysis of extrusion technology has allowed the creation of a curvy bookcase which assumes any desired shape, without compromising toughness and functionality. Unlimited shapes can be formed, limited only by personal creativity. Available in three different lengths, Bookworm is marked by a serious of bookend supports. Bookworm combines flexibility and superior durability allowing for a load of around 10kg for each support. It is advisable to wall-mount the shelf in a curved shape to keep the materials in tension and to increase resistance once loaded.

Monday 21 January 2008

The price of a home/For her/Bookshelf

Nothing dates a book title like a price. Note the wooden pen/ruler has been altered so that it reads in centimeters on the right and inches on the left.
This is the first piece I made from books. The intense reaction I received from my wife, mother and daughter convinced me I just might be on to something.
Starting with a three-volume dictionary set I added brackets from books about words. Note the way that gold foil type on the dictionaries reflects light to the eye. Laminated brackets are symmetrical in size, color and text orientation.
This Into That

Sunday 20 January 2008

Corner Spacesaver Bookcase

• Stylish space saving corner unit helps organize all of your clutter; maple finish
• 11-7/8Lx11-7/8Wx53-1/8H"
• Can be attached to the wall in any corner of the house


"book and shelf" is a new project that literally combines books, selected and coordinated by book curator Haba Yoshitaka's firm Bach, with a shelf created especially for them by nendo. "book and shelf" presents these two as a set, making it easy for users to acquire their own "book collection", and proposing a new model for product sales.For the production system, Haba chooses a layout for the books within the 36-cm-square dimensions of the shelving unit, then we cut, assemble and glue the layers based on these specifications. This allows us to work in a small production run, which preserves the coordinator's freedom to choose different arrangements for different sets of books, and gives the user the feeling of owning an order-made product that works only with the books it contains. When you pull out the metal plate with the brand name, a small pamphlet with information about the books in the shelf appears along with it.

Friday 18 January 2008


Designed by Pucci de Rossi, the Dondola is a rocking chair that combines clean lines and curvaceous shapes. It is a beautiful objcet that showcases the Italian craftmanship to which Made is deeply attached. The stainless steel structure made of two rounded arms that are linked together with three storing cases. In storing your season's books under the seat you can alter the balance of the Dondola and set it the way you want. For instance, you do not want to host a guest lying with your feet in the air. So just fill the fore case with the heaviest books: it will straight up the position of the Dondola without stopping its irresistible swing. But if you are in the mood to rest and dream around in your living room, then simply move the books to the rear case and enjoy the most comfortable canvas chair. The Dondola is made of stainless materials that make it as a perfect indoor as an outdoor piece of furniture: Only 50 exemplary, all signed by Pucci de Rossi.

Thursday 17 January 2008

Books, Cologne, 2006

This architectural installation of a wave-like modular book structure shows the intensive spatial atmosphere exerted by books. This open installation condenses the intimate feeling of old libraries from which anybody finds it hard to escape. Large used books of outdated titles and too old to be read are assembled with a special designed metal connector.
Studio Aisslinger

Console shelves

By Stanislav Katz

Monday 14 January 2008


X marks the spot with this fantastic shelving unit! Multi-sized shelves store your CDs, DVDs, folders and books all in one clever product. For even more storage space, separate units can be joined together. Asymmetry in perfect balance!
47.2"L x 11.8"W x 47.2"H
Shelves: laminated plywood
Back panels: powder-coated metal

Sunday 13 January 2008

Bibliochaise +

measures in centimetres: 102 x 86 x 74,5
measures in inches: 40,16 w x33,86 l x29,33 h
La Bibliochaise + is veneered in oak tinted wengé or tinted black, with a wax finish
and leather cushions with removable covers in a wide range of colours.
Contains 5 metres of books.
Nobody and Co

Saturday 12 January 2008

Book house

By using bookshelves to clad the exterior walls, this combination house and library protects the privacy of its inhabitants’ living space while inviting visitors into the surrounding library. Semi-transparent FRP divides the interior and exterior spaces, allowing soft light to filter in between the bookshelves during the day, and letting the light leak out at night. Light creates a connection between inside and outside.

Thursday 10 January 2008


sticklebook™ is the world's first invisible shelving system that creates the illusion of a line of books hanging unsupported on the wall. It can be used absolutely anywhere and for any situation.

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Bookcase by Arianna Vivenzo

Bookcase is created by Arianna Vivenzo, it is made of an elastic bandage in tension among two metallic elements well secure and connected with the wall. The bookcase lets to fit inside its own interior books-frames-containers drawers and any kind of objects which remains,this way,fitted in the bandage thanks to the tension created by its own elastic nature.

Tuesday 8 January 2008

Nettlestone Library Ensemble

Nettlestone Library Ensemble
In the true tradition of European trompe l'oeil furniture.
What initially appears to be a bookshelf slides apart to reveal a library table with two tone-on-tone cushioned barrel chairs on casters and hidden compartments for your coveted first editions! The extraordinary hand-painted, lacquer-finished top is faux burled wood with black ebony trim. Whether you choose it for its sleek, space-saving design or its elegant and novel style, this wooden heirloom will garner compliments in home or office.
41"W x 26"D x 30"H. (148 lbs)

Monday 7 January 2008


A bookshelf which tips in one direction when books are placed on it. The 5° slant means that the books lean gently, giving them stability. An ironic, but also functional play with balance and stability. Usable for heavy and light literature.
Click image to watch it, nearly, topple.
Julian Appelius

Golden Cage and Skyline Bookcases

Vincenzo De Cotiis Golden Cage Bookcase
Freestanding bookcase in brushed natural brass.
120 x 85 x H 200 cm
72 x 90 x H 200 cm

Vincenzo De Cotiis Skyline Bookcase
Freestanding bookcase made in various finishes and woods mixed together.
130 x 60 x H 219 cm

Vincenzo De Cotiis
Ceccotti Collezioni

Untiteld, 2005

Galerie Fons Welters in Amsterdam has presented solo exhibitions of Job Koelewijn's work since 1995. For The World is My Oyster, Koelewijn hacked away virtually the entire back wall of the gallery to create a splendid frame for a neighbouring back garden. Fons Welters is currently presenting another exhibition of Koelewijn's work (until 13 May, entitled Doorlopende Voorstelling ('Continuous performance'), it shows four large-scale works, including a bookcase in the shape of a lemniscate.
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Sunday 6 January 2008

Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen

Dutch architects Merkx + Girod have won the Lensvelt de Architect Interior Prize 2007 for their Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht - a bookstore inside a former Dominican church. The prize jury said: “Merkx+Girod architects have created a contemporary bookshop in a former Dominican church, preserving the unique landmark setting. The church has been restored to its former glory and the utilities equipment has been housed in the extended cellar. In order to preserve the character of the church while achieving the desired commercial square footage, the architects erected a two-storey structure in black steel on one side, where the books are kept. Keeping the shop arrangement on the other side low created a clear and decipherable shop. The jury was very impressed by these spatial solutions, as well as by the gorgeous lighting plan. The combination of book complex and church interior were deemed particularly successful.”

All Aboard

Enter the regal, two-story, 22 x 36-foot library in this 1920 New York home and you may think you just walked into an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. The room was taken, part by part, from the Cunard Line luxury ocean liner RMS Mauritania, sister ship to the Lusitania, and assembled in this former home of a prestigious area lawyer. The library features graceful, polished tiger maple with curved corners, clerestory windows, lead frame doors, marble fireplace, and the original retractable chandelier at center.
Business Week

Friday 4 January 2008

Traveler's Bookshelf

A collector of rare books told us about this unique traveler's bookshelf.It consists of four pieces, which are easily assembled and disassembled without hardware. The original was designed by Benedetto Croce (1866-1952), one of the most influential Italian philosophers of the twentieth century. The small and elegant bookshelf is a beautiful addition to a home or office desk. 5 1/2"H x 15"W x 7"D
The Reader's Catalog


Courier is an open and lightweight shelving system made from two main components: anodized aluminum extrusions and steel axis. Courier can be wall mounted or used as freestanding shelving.

Thursday 3 January 2008

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Books: The Wallpaper Collection

Deborah Bowness has been designing and hand printing wallpapers for 7 years.
Deborah Bowness
The Collection

Juxtaposed: Religion

Designed by Mike and Maaike
Curated by John Simonian.
36" W x 5" H x 8" D
Reclaimed hardwood
Offered in a limited edition of 50.
5,084,000,000 people, 5,360 pages, 3,700 years, 243 countries, 7 books, and 1 shelf. For the first time, the world's most influential religious texts are brought together and presented on the same level, their coexistence acknowledged and celebrated.
JUXTAPOSED: Religion is the first in the Juxtaposed series of curated bookshelves.

Castle bookcase

Beautifully designed with simple colorful graphics, this multifunctional bookshelf doubles as your childs' favorite play place! Flags, real window cut outs, and castle rooftop accent the fun and the drawbridge opens to hide your secret knights in shining armor! This special piece will ship from manufacturer within 7 business days. Allow up to 7 more business days for UPS Ground transportation, depending on location. Some assembly required. Measures 30" W x 12" D x 38" H.


To give shape to dreams. To give physicality and concreteness to the imagination. This is how 30mm comes about. It is an open shelving system, conceived above all to contain books.
For the thousands of worlds and endless forms to which Lagobook can give rise.
The dream as mission. And its realisation.
Do you dream of a wall tree to climb on, to gather your books like precious fruits?
With 30mm you can do it.
Do you dream of a life in colour inside a house in colour and do you think you would like to have all the colour shades in the world in your bookcase?
With Lagobook you can do it. Do you imagine a bookcase that clambers up the wall, falling vertically like dominoes, or that takes on the features of a multicoloured maze?
With 30mm you can do it.


The New Designers KBSA Award for Product
Nottingham Trent The Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom

Judges citation: 'The award is given for simplicity, space-saving, practical, user-friendly, versatile and great attention to detail.'

Karen Babel says, 'I'm grateful to KBSA for the award and also for the support and help I have had from Scan-Thor, Ablest, Steve Rutherford and all my friends and family. I hope to get some of my ideas into production and also to work with design consultancies.' Previously her 'Underwater Chandelier' was selected by the British Council for Talento in Milan 05 and she has won an Undu Award for the same chandelier to be exhibited at 100% Design in September.
Karen Babel

Lente Babel

Babel is de eerste kast in de lente collectie, ontworpen in 2005. Babel bestaat uit een modulair systeem en is multifunctioneel; hij kan dienen als sidetable, TV meubel, boekenkast of als room divider. Bovenal is Babel een in het oog springend en bijzonder object in elke ruimte! De kast wordt opgebouwd uit modules, welke zijn samengesteld uit 15 mm berken multiplex. De basismodule (A) is 62 cm hoog, module B en C elk 31 cm. Elke module heeft een vaste indeling met horizontale legplanken. Er kan een gewenste hoogte gemaakt worden, tot een maximale hoogte van 185 cm. De kast is altijd 150 cm breed en 30 cm diep. Bij de modules worden losse blokken geleverd, die men naar eigen inzicht in de kast kan plaatsen. Belangrijk is wel dat de blokken verspringen; dit versterkt de constructie van de kast. De kopse kanten van het berken multiplex in Babel zijn blank en onbehandeld. Alle legplanken zijn tweezijdig bekleed met een matte, slijtvaste kunststof laag, leverbaar in 2 kleuren:
* wit
* warm antraciet.

Tuesday 1 January 2008


Lobola* will never be the same again. This life-sized bovine behemoth is inspired by the humble African cow in form, and a room-dividing bookcase in function. Solidly constructed but set onto sturdy wheels, Mooj is a whole lot easier to move around than a real cow, and infinitely less likely to leave any surprises behind the sofa. No bull.
*bride price, typically in cattle, paid to the bride's father among some Southern African tribal groups

Cardboard stool

The cardboard stool: assemble it easily and quickly, sit on it, invite friends, have fun, party, chat, discuss, laugh, eat, etc.! The stool is also suitable as a occasional table or a bed table or just a simple table. And to save space just disassemble it after use. Printed corrugated card board.Dimensions: 12,8 x 12,8 x 17,5 inch. Carrying capacity: 200 kgs (440 lbs). Material: corrugated cardboard.


In urban life, there seems to be a common understanding that people tend to consciously or subconsciously become wary of strangers surrounding them. They are always balancing a certain level of privacy with others. A bookcase CAVE provides a private reading space within its form. As a seat height is just above the floor, CAVE gives a feeling of hiding from others standing around it. Books can be stored on both sides. Therefore, CAVE can also functions as a partition of a room. Size: W2430xH1470xD600 (CAVE) / W1800xH1109xD600 (CAVE_kid's)
Sakura Adachi