Friday 28 January 2022

FA.B. fabric bookcase

The FA.B. fabric bookcase is an eco-focused book storage system with minimal environmental impact. FA.B. is made of birch plywood. Birch wood - a tree native to Europe - when harvested from sustainably managed forests poses lower environmental and biodiversity risks than those from tropical and subtropical trees. The fabric units are made of a recyclable, resilient, stain resistant, wrinkle-free fabric. The use of the durable fabric along with the minimum possible use of wood, allow us to consume as little natural resources and raw materials as feasible, according to the "dematerialization" approach that our times require. The castors allow you to move your fully loaded FA.B. around the room effortlessly.


Monday 10 January 2022

15th century Italian book box

Medical practitioners often attached such cases to their belts as they traveled about calling on their patients.

The Met

Friday 7 January 2022

Jane Austen stacked novel teapot

 Our beautiful Jane Austen Teapot is made from glazed ceramic, using methods developed over 250 years ago. No two of our teapots are exactly the same. The variations produced by the production processes make your teapot unique. In addition to the stack of novels, our Jane Austen teapot features the iconic first pages of Pride and Prejudice on the lid. 

Jane Austen Centre

Thursday 6 January 2022

'For a fleeting moment' bookshelves

for a fleeting moment by Bijin Davis from Bijin Davis on Vimeo.

A series of shelves, inspired by the idea of having a new appearance, when its surroundings and composition change. Every object around us is radiating light! As the shade of the color is never constant, thus, for a fleeting moment, we enjoy these reflections. The shelves can be disassembled. Each shelf board is attached between the pipes with a simple turning action. Seamless ball casters are attached to the bottom. The materials used are aluminum pipes, aluminum composite board, and fluorescent colors. 

Bijin Davis