Saturday 28 June 2008

Ready made

More than any other object, a filled bookcase reflects the identity of its owner. At the moment of purchase this Ready Made reflects the collective intellect of centuries of literature: the Top 100 of all time, everything you ought to have read – but never got around to. Filling the case means replacing classics by a personal selection. Great works become bookends to personal favourites.
Next Architects

Friday 27 June 2008

There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World

Adobe Book Shop in San Francisco agreed to allow its estimated 20,000 books to be be reclassified by color. Shifting from red to orange to yellow to green, the books will follow the color spectrum continuously, changing Adobe from a neighborhood bookshop into a magical library—but only for one week.
Chris Cobb and McSweeney's

Thursday 26 June 2008

Prince of Siam and Readers Digest

Prince of Siam: Plywood, oil, semi-transparent white varnish, 200×85×30cm
Readers Digest: Prototype, plywood, oil, 160×30×30cm, fitting for 3 folders
Studio Proxy

Tuesday 24 June 2008


Ryan’s new creation is called ‘ZiG’ a modular display/storage system made from solid bamboo. The unit’s castor wheels allows for ease of movement – linking these units creates a continuous array of striking negative spaces. ZiG will be available in a variety of naturally stained colours.
Ryan Frank

Friday 20 June 2008

Tuesday 17 June 2008

Bruno Petronzi

Scultura Luminosa portariviste e libri. Realizzata in serie limitata in ferro acidato.
Versione aggiornata della celebre libreria. Realizzata in ferro acidato. Mis. 205x33 H183 cm
Mensola/libreria modulare da parete in ferro spazzolato o acidato con piano in plexiglas.
Bruno Petronzi

Modular Pole Shelving blog + pogohome

This site is dedicated to helping you understand and evaluate tension pole, compression pole, and wall-mounted shelving units for your home or office... From designer Julie Scheu comes the pogoHome collection, a functional and witty system well suited to loft spaces, in which threaded steel poles function as room dividers and, indeed, rooms themselves. .
Modular Pole Shelving and Julie Scheu

Monday 16 June 2008

Insert coin

Trays are inserted into a wall panel in any order, so that each shelf system has its own unique look. Insert Coin provides an attractive place not just for books but for everything else that we want to have a special place on the wall.
Nils Holger Moormann

Friday 13 June 2008

Book in a chair

There’s this preconceived notion that books have to be displayed on shelves, ala library style but our modern lives don’t exactly allow for large shelving units and so we find other creative solutions such as smaller floating shelves. “Book in a Chair” takes a similar approach by integrating slats inbetween seat cushions along a bench. That way, a good book or magazine is always within arm’s reach. Designer: Sang-Hoon Lee.
Yanko Design

Thursday 12 June 2008


A bookcase made of 6 mm thick medium-density wood fibreboards, in micro goffered white lacquer. Back of melamine - coated board (thickness 10 mm). Shelves at various standard heights, fit into the backs through concealed slots. Adjustable feet. Ready for wall attachment. Height 216.3 cm and length 81.6 cm. Depth 25 cm.
mdf italia

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Waaz AL

Waaz is a shelf connected to a computer that doubles as a device for audio diffusion and archiving digital music files (MP3). Waaz also offers alternative protocols to those for the archiving and playing of audio files. The interface for selecting and playing music is original because there is none. The mere presence of an audio CD or of specific labels launches or stops the music in the play slot: the cover is the wand. The materialization of the performing artist’s world and image are relayed by a physical support. A device and a piece of furniture, a stereo set and a shelf, Waaz is an interface-object that fills the gap between immaterial music and tracks stored on physical supports. Wazz AL is a piece of furniture in wood. It is also an audio-stereo set connected to a computer. It has a 2*30w amplifier, two medium bass loud speakers, a communication system at radio frequency (Wifi) and a detection interface that uses RfiD chips. The system works in interface with a computer that stores MP3 files. The piloting software is composed of independent units (Widgets) that enable the user to produce his or her own disc covers or compilations and to connect them to the system.

Wazz AL from NoDesign on Vimeo.

Associated Press article on Bookshelf blog

I had the pleasure recently of speaking to Annie Flanzraich from AP about Shedworking's first satellite site the Bookshelf blog and a couple of my thoughts have been incorporated into her excellent piece 'Artfully arranged books bring life to a room'. It's being picked up by various titles including Foster's Daily Democrat. Here's a taster:
"Now, some designers are challenging the tradition of an upright bookcase with surprising innovations, even building book shelving into a bathtub. Leni Leth, owner of Book Décor, a California company that specializes in refurbishing and selling leather-bound books, suggests forgetting the shelves, instead using books as risers for candles and lamps, on coffee tables and even in bathrooms. "Books can be like flower arrangements, but can last longer," Leth says. Books can even create the furniture. A stack of large art books topped with a piece of glass becomes a coffee table."
Well worth a browse.

Tuesday 10 June 2008

Sunday 8 June 2008


PLoP! is a storage shelving system designed for nomadic students on budget. Made from eco-friendly corrugated board, PLoP! weighs a mere 1.8kg and is collapsible, so students can easily carry it home with them, even on the public transport. Once at home, they simply have to remove the packaging, ‘plop’ it open, affix its backing supports and be prepared to be wowed as this humble material of a furniture holds the weight of dozens of books and objects.The great thing about PLoP! is that it is also designed for extendability, which means that apart from the basic 4-section unit, it can be extended to 6, 8, 10, etc. sections and STILL be collapsible! When the students are done with their short-term studies, they have two options in dealing with the shelf. First, and recommended, they can ‘plop’ PLoP! back to its collapsed state and bring it with them to their next destination. Alternatively, being a paper-based product, it can be disposed of and recycled easily if they no longer have the need for it or if its useful life has ended.Designer: Joyce Hong
Yanko Design

Thursday 5 June 2008


Cabinets characterized by one single door, as large as the whole front side of the unit, whose surface is interrupted by wide square openings disposed in an apparently casual sequence. This creates closed and open spaces, pointed out by evident profiles reminding the back structure and hiding it at the same time. The door slides in both directions until it juts out of the unit for 40 cm. opening all the previously hidden compartments.
Lodovico Acerbis

Wednesday 4 June 2008

B.B. Bookcase

Bookshelf on wheels with porthole-shaped back. Available in all macroter finishing. On demand, shelves can be ordered in different colour from structure/back.
Jasper Morrison

Sunday 1 June 2008


C'est une etagere qui reprend dans sa forme un systeme graphique issu d'une structure en zellige (mosaique marocaine).