Sunday 8 June 2008


PLoP! is a storage shelving system designed for nomadic students on budget. Made from eco-friendly corrugated board, PLoP! weighs a mere 1.8kg and is collapsible, so students can easily carry it home with them, even on the public transport. Once at home, they simply have to remove the packaging, ‘plop’ it open, affix its backing supports and be prepared to be wowed as this humble material of a furniture holds the weight of dozens of books and objects.The great thing about PLoP! is that it is also designed for extendability, which means that apart from the basic 4-section unit, it can be extended to 6, 8, 10, etc. sections and STILL be collapsible! When the students are done with their short-term studies, they have two options in dealing with the shelf. First, and recommended, they can ‘plop’ PLoP! back to its collapsed state and bring it with them to their next destination. Alternatively, being a paper-based product, it can be disposed of and recycled easily if they no longer have the need for it or if its useful life has ended.Designer: Joyce Hong
Yanko Design

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