Wednesday 30 April 2008

Burgundy bookshelf

Every dirty, disheveled bachelor pad needs an air of academia, not to mention a simple way to organize stuff. My Jug Simple bookshelf provides the perfect home for those book, coin
and snow-globe collections that once hid in the corner of your room under that pile of need-to-be-washed boxer briefs. It’s made from four large (4-liter) empty Carlo Rossi jugs, 24 small (1.5-liter) ones and simple hardwood shelving. White neon tubes give it a glow that will make even celebrity gossip rags look scholarly. Enjoy the wine. Enjoy the bookshelf. Just don’t mix the two.
Carlo Rossi

Monday 28 April 2008

DNA bookcase

Designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini as part of his "biosphere" series, the DNA bookcase is available in chrome and gloss painted aluminum. Shelving is black or beige lacquered wood. Bookcase must be attached to wall. Dimensions: 67" ht, 56.7" width, 12" depth. Shelves vary from a minimum of 13.4" height.

Sunday 27 April 2008

Quattro Line Bookshelf

Designer: Yedidia Blonder
Coated Aluminum
Size: H 48 cm, L 100.9 cm, Dept 10,5 cm.

Friday 25 April 2008


Free standing bookcase and/or storage unit. Arrow allows you to add or reduce the size of your tower without having to buy a new one. The architectural form of Arrow uses clean-lines that conveniently store its contents, giving an organized, uncluttered appearance. Arrow is constructed from an MDF carcass and available in a lacquered or laminated board finish from a choice of around 20 colours with a colour-match or veneer option also available. All of which are available with or without backs. Arrow is a highly useable piece of furniture that is sure to add a little fun to any living space. Available in coloured lacquer, laminate or veneer board
Timothy Benn

Thursday 24 April 2008

Hey chair, be a bookshelf

Surrounded by all kinds of objects, Baas created an assemblage, in which all objects gained a new function. A chair became a bookshelf; a lampshade became a vase, a violin a coat rack. For this design, Baas collaborates with several second hand stores in the region of Eindhoven, saving products from the rubbish container which could not be sold in the shop. Since the products are always different, every “Hey, chair be a bookshelf!” is a unique piece. The often weak second hand products are reinforced by polyester and coated by hand, in a Poly-Urethane coating.
Dimensions: H: appr. 210 cm
Maarten Baas

Wednesday 23 April 2008


Ett eget litet sidoprojekt som jag började
med i våras men inte har haft tid att gör
klart för än nu. Den är tillverkad av 3 mm
plåt, svetsade skarvar och sprutlackerad.
Den gröna linjen är fluorescerande färg
som lyser i uv ljus.

This was a project that I made on my spare
time in autumn 2007.
The inspiration was the line that illustrates
the hart beat. It is a prototype shelf made
of 3mm sheet metal and the edge is painted
whit fluorescent green that’s shine in blacklight.
Måns Salomonsen

Friday 18 April 2008

Suzan and Omar

Suzan:A sculptural archetype in furniture, bringing a bold statement of functional art into your home. Bookshelf made from rolled sheet steel, finished in a tough powder-coat.
Omar: I decided to design a shelving and console table reminiscent of an Arabic style, a tribute to the passion and creativity of Middle Eastern culture, while using materials and processes which are Western in technique, production and finish. It is also inspired by the classic Candelabra which has been a beacon of light and a detail of sophistication in many a European household.
Each piece is a sculptural archetype in furniture, bringing a bold statement of functional art into your home. Console made from rolled sheet steel, in a tough black or white powder-coat.
John Reeves

Wednesday 16 April 2008


Designed to accommodate the objects we need only from time to time (which would otherwise take up space on small tables, on shelves and in containers), Soft Wall is also a dividing wall that can be used in both the home and office since it adapts to the requirements of the location where it is used. Crafted in felt and available in two sizes, it rests on a metal frame. Design C. Gerhards - A. Glücker
B&b Italia

Tuesday 15 April 2008


Rather than lining your walls with books, the books are the wall. You can't have too much book space. Period. Goes anywhere. And the five shelves hold all your reading material while touching the ceiling and floor on only four white rubber feet. Now available in two widths.
Dimensions: 25 1/4" x 8 3/4"
footprint(s): 1 3/4" dia.
height: specify up to 12 ft. adjusts to 5" more or less than height specified.
materials: wood and black oxide steel
woods: maple, cherry, white oak, walnut
Urban Workshop

Rooms that lose none of their shelf life

In this digital age, it may surprise you to read that more people want libraries than cinemas in their homes. Sarah Lonsdale reports. [Click link to read on]

Monday 14 April 2008


Brickshelf is based on the simplest kind of bookshelf: brick, shelf, brick, shelf, etc…the transformation of the shape of the bricks into the shape of abstracted books makes the bookshelf to become a beautiful and friendly object, without complicating it. As the “books” are produced by extrusion, the same production run like bricks, they are available in different heights.



Saturday 12 April 2008

Bookshelf by Sungho "Oho" Son and Scott Shim

The personal computer physically resembles a bookshelf and functions like a bookshelf as books and magazines – or in this case, hardware – are placed on it. The foundation of the computer is its central processing unit, which is a 7-inch cube. The Bookshelf operates with add-on hard drive attachments that are supplied by digital service providers so they can protect copyrights while still accommodating user convenience and portability. The hardware attachments – containing multiple movies, games, or magazines – will vary in width, but its other dimensions will be the same as the Bookshelf cube. As the hardware attachments are added, the Bookshelf becomes its own multimedia library custom-built by its owner. For example, users can watch movies by connecting to a television or computer monitor.
Purdue University

Friday 11 April 2008


Design: Johannes Herbertsson & Karl Henrik Rennstam. A modular shelving system made from MDF and ash, featuring a wall mounted modular block and easily detachable shelves that require no fittings. The nature of the design allows for various combinations and compositions of shelves, allowing the user to create their own bespoke system. The design has strong roots in the language of graphic design and functions as a both shelving and a visual wall display. Alog shelving provides a playful solution to storage requirements with simplicity of use built in. Measurements: 648 x 648 mm, Shelf depth 200 mm.

Thursday 10 April 2008

Carlton bookcase

If you are a fan of colors then the Carlton bookcase from Memphis Italy is sure to speak to you. This piece was designed by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s. This multicolored bookcase is made of pattern laminate. I find this piece interesting, especially when I look at the two small drawers at the bottom. The two drawers and top look like a children's dresser in its own right. The rest of the bookcase is entirely wild building out from the two drawer area. The Carlton bookcase is probably the most famous piece from the Memphis, Italy line. I can see how, since visually speaking the bookcase is certainly going to leave an impression on any viewer. Expect to pay in the range of $6,000-$8,000 for an example in this condition. Dimensions: 75"w x 12"d x 76"h
Furniture Fashion

Wednesday 9 April 2008


Shelf, which can be used as a solitary shelf or which can be combined with additional Libri shelves alongside against the wall, back to back thus becoming free standing or several shelves in a row out from the wall creating a room divider. The Libri shelf has adjustable legs, that can be adjusted also after the installation. Brackets for installation against the wall, and for linking between the Libri comes with each Libri shelf we deliver.
Measurements: W 38, H 227, D 29,5
Material: White or black lacquered ash wood.
Designer: Michael Bihain

Monday 7 April 2008

Lesezeichen - 'Bookmark' bookshelf

A modular bookshelf which satisfies all wishes: easy to set up, extendible to any number, to position freely as well as on the wall, light in weight and big enough for standard folders. Furthermore a module is more than a rectangular box: an ornament which forms a graphic pattern and thus decorates your living space.
Designer: undpartner
Made in Austria
Design Spotter

Books to go

Rose Cobb


By Da-Eun Song.
Yanko Design

Sunday 6 April 2008

Folding bookcase doors

Distinctly attractive and extremely functional, Woodfold’s Bookcase Door System offers a smart, space-saving option for everything from closets, pantries and wall safes in homes, to private areas and divided rooms in schools, banks and offices. A perfect fit for both residential and commercial applications, it is custom-crafted for strength, able to support up to 500 pounds. Yet, thanks to our heavy-duty roller system, it opens and closes smoothly, quietly and easily. Available in a variety of hardwood veneers, carefully wrapped and palletized for shipment, fully assembled and ready to install, our Bookcase Door is the strong, silent type. Only better looking.

Thursday 3 April 2008

Book Arch

Loose books, plywood. 30 x 20 x 298 cm 1’ x 7,9” x 9‘8”
Location : Centrale Biblioheek Rotterdam
In 2004 I was commissioned to make a work using disposed books from the Central Library in Rotterdam. One month of endless experimenting with different bending and pressure resulted in an arch spanning about three meters between two columns. I’m still amazed to look at the books forming an arch held together only by gravity and the building. At the end of the exhibition, the arch was rebuilt on the sixth floor where it is still visible.
Wolf Brinkman

Wednesday 2 April 2008

Wolf Brinkman - Slappe Kast and Pilaarplank

Slappe Kast
multiplex, hardsteen 30 x 50 x 234 cm.
Een flexibele constructie van 4mm dik multiplex. Alle onderdelen zijn los met elkaar verbonden. Onbelast staat de kast rechtop. Naarmate hij meer belast wordt buigt de kast door naar een kant.

multiplex, 5 x 65 x 150 cm
Op deze plek moest een vitrinekast komen. De ruimte tussen de pilaar en het raam was echter zo klein dat elk ontwerp in de verdrukking kwam. Zo kwam ik op het idee om de paal te gebruiken als onderdeel van de kast. De uitsparingen in de planken passen precies om de pilaar die door zwaartekracht op zijn plek blijft hangen
Wolf Brinkman

Ryan Frank

Ryan Frank

Tree bookshelf

Design Milk

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Bookshelf by Lapri Olof

A strong contender for this year's Turner Prize, Olof's work literally deconstructs the bookshelf and reduces it to its most basic architectuality, a primitive pile.
Lapri Olof