Tuesday 30 August 2011

Industrial Age Style Bookshelf

This Industrial Age Style Bookshelf with accent lighting is a great conversation piece that turns heavy iron piping into a modern urban multipurpose fixture that will add a sense of history and lighting to any space. This is a very versatile design that can hold books on the horizontal shelves upright or stacked. Multiple shelves allow many possibilities for storage.Made from Industrial Iron Piping, Light Bulbs included.
Stella Bleu

Monday 29 August 2011


The bookcase consists of two pillars of ash with brass tip ends. 4mm stainless steel tie rods. Anchoring elements of the rods are in burnished iron with the central rods in polished brass. The shelves are made of safety glass 3 +3 mm.. Shelf supports in ash with polished brass ends. Diagonal reinforcing tie rods for the shelves in polished brass. The base is in steel with the covering panels in ash.
Designer: Franco Albini

Friday 5 August 2011

Bookshelf is sunning itself at the beach for a bit. We'll be back soon with more marvellous designs. Those of you interested in the book will be pleased to hear that the designers have now finished putting it all together and when we return we should have some concrete dates for you. As well as the English version, there will also be French, German, Swedish and Italian editions (and maybe more).

Thursday 4 August 2011


KUB+ is a project that aims to bring functionality to living rooms with limited space, serving as a ludic and customizable furniture, allowing users to interact with the colored mobile pieces in addition to following the trend of assembling do-it-yourself and taking inspiration from famous toy Rubik's Cube. The project uses no glue and the pieces are put together through wood dowel pins. The material used are sheets of plywood and the finish is made with lacquer ink.
Fabio Teixeira

Wednesday 3 August 2011


ITALIA è la libreria che traduce in materia vitale l’immagine di una Nazione, la nostra:ricca di cultura, storia e grandi potenzialità che tuttavia vive accasciata sul suo antico passato, mentre guarda fuggire grandi menti da sé e lascia ai pochi che restano la difficoltà di trovare una collocazione.
materiali: legno laccato, gomma, ferro arrugginito.
Andrea Vecera

Monday 1 August 2011

Basement stacks

Books breaking through the (faux) wall downstairs, referencing the "basement stacks" every library has. In this case it's as if those stacks had been sealed up during some remodel, and are anthropomorphically breaking through, referencing the old library, history, roots, poltergeists... Created for the VIA Advertising Agency, which recently renovated and moved their offices into the old Baxter building, which served as Portland's public library from 1888 until the 1960s.
Warey Myers