Friday 29 January 2010


The iBooks app is a great way to browse, buy, and read electronic books. Once you’ve bought a book, it’s displayed on your Bookshelf.

Thursday 28 January 2010

Performance book caddy

Trying to find time to catch up on your reading and training? Do both at one time with the Performance Book Caddy!
* Perfect for all types of reading material
* It mounts in seconds to virtually any road, mountain or stationary bike
Performance Bicycle

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Tuesday 26 January 2010


BookBook is a one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case designed exclusively for MacBook and MacBook Pro. Available in Classic Black or Vibrant Red, BookBook brings three levels of security to your prized Mac. First, the hardback cover and spine provide solid protection from the rigors of the road. Second, the vintage book design disguises MacBook for superior security. And third, the stylish case protects you from being like everyone else because BookBook is totally original, just like you. Sitting on a coffee table, dorm room or desk, BookBook looks like a vintage piece of literature, not an expensive laptop.

Monday 25 January 2010


MDF shelf, 6 feet long, 1 foot wide, 3/4 inch thick, resting on two metal brackets displaying books borrowed from Belk Library. The shelf sags under the weight of its contents in a graceful arc, the top edges of all the books are perfectly flush as a result of a conscious selection of volumes chosen to accommodate (or compensate for) the arc of the sagging shelf.
Daniel Eatock

Friday 22 January 2010


Tonic is assembled without screws or the use of tools. Tonic can be used in two different positions; horizontal as a Sideboard, or vertical as a Bookcase. To achieve this change the legs are simply taken out of the sockets and replaced in the desired position.
Reinhard Dienes

Monday 18 January 2010


It's a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf. The soft soul of the fabric provides all these functions in a new approach as it expands to any size.
* Felt fabric and stainless steel
* Ceiling fixation included
* Size of the hanging storage : L 60 cm x D 30 cm x H 210 cm - Ceiling rail : L 100 cm
made in design

Tuesday 12 January 2010


The Fluid project explores infinite spatial possibilities through a single element, mimicking DNA by allowing the generation of endless combinations.
Arik Levy

Thursday 7 January 2010


Aluminium composite; panels are 6 mm thick. Satin white or aluminium colour. Black edges
Alfredo Häberli

Monday 4 January 2010

Expo Bookcase

Designed by: Umberto Asnago. Bookcase metal structure available in 5 different metal finishes with 8 different lacquers and bleached or wenge stained oak for shelving. Dimensions: 71” x 71” x 15.75”.
Resource Furniture