Wednesday 29 April 2009

Of Wars & Wits & Power

Driven by the recent crisis of certain countries who got very uptight over issues of being asked to disarm their missile test launched, their alarming action to remain hostile and persistent in their belief had stirred me to create this part of a furniture combination to depict their behavioral trait, a bookshelf with their golden army, strategically placed underneath, to uphold and to protect their ultimate plans,frozen in time for all to see.
Daniel Loves Objects

Friday 24 April 2009


Some people sort their books alphabetically by title or author, others according to the theme or style, while still others base the organization on color or size. There is no ideal system as organizing based on the one perspective always causes chaos in terms of the other. kaos makes productive use of this disorder: books are stored in little groups, which makes it possible for various organizing systems to exist alongside one another. The result is a three-dimensional picture composed of books – unpredictable and, by principle, chaotic.

Variously shaped shelves are mounted onto a base board. The arrangement as 90 degree angles renders the structure stable and able to withstand heavy loads. kaos should ideally be mounted on the wall.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Bookshelf annotation


Monday 20 April 2009

Mr Moon shelf

Reversible Finger joined solid oak wall mounted shelving, suitable for all wall types. 240x240x720
A good few years back, Keith Moon commissioned me to make him some simple, wooden wall mounted shelves. Having completed the job and delivered the goods, the rest was up to Keith. As we know, Keith was quite prone to the odd drink or two. One night after a near lethal amount of alcohol and various narcotics Keith attempted to put the shelf up himself. Without a power drill to drill the holes in the wall he soon became frustrated and lost him temper. In a fit of rock and roll excessiveness he picked up a shelf and launched it at the wall. One end of the shelf lodged itself in the wall and stuck out at an angle.
Keith then vomited and passed out.
The following morning, Keith and the other members of The Who stood and observed the sight. They all agreed it should go into production...
Richard Shed

Sunday 19 April 2009

How to bling up your 'Billy' bookcase

Dan Black and Martin Blum are behind Anglo-Swiss design consultancy Black + Blum. As well as advising other companies on creative issues, they design their own range of products for the home.

"Our main priority was to give this piece a bit of character. In its basic form, it is very recognisable as the cheapest bit of shelving you can buy from Ikea, so we wanted to give it a new identity as well as a function by turning it into a self-contained home-office unit.

"We joined two of the shelves with hinges to create a work surface that can be folded up to hide a laptop. We hung magazine racks on each side and added one at the top to change the shape – it almost looks like a winged creature now.

"Staring at the back of a bookcase while you work wouldn't have been very inspiring, so we laminated some fake grass to add an outdoors feel to the back and added a blackboard."

The Independent

Friday 17 April 2009

book book shelf

The idea for the Book Book Shelf came from the realisation of how many books are discarded on a regular basis. These particular books were to be thrown out at the end of a jumble sale and we wondered what more could be made of them. We like the idea that value can be added to many discarded items through ingenuity and redefinition of context.
not tom

Thursday 16 April 2009


18 in. Complete Unit
Most of the designers we know have fairly large book collections, and with that come storage space constraints. The Treku Shelving System has an architectural soundness and modularity that booklovers and designers alike can depend on. Working with basic principles of gravity, the wall-mounting design focuses all of its weight downward into the floor to hold hundreds of pounds without stressing the wall. Each system includes four wenge veneer shelves, which can be adjusted to any height for customized display and storage, and two aluminum profiles. The profiles feature discreet side channels with sliding brackets that screw into the shelves for a fixed position (brackets must be inserted into profiles prior to wall-mounting). This design allows for sturdy shelves that can adjust quickly and easily without the hassle of separate hardware. Additional shelving units can be added to the system at any time. Plastic leveling feet adjust for uneven floors. Because of the system's small, almost square footprint and height adjustable shelves, the Treku Shelves can efficiently accommodate objects large and small. Assembly required. Made in Spain.
Weight capacity per shelf is 110 lbs.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Shelves for Life

William Warren's Shelves For Life is a self-initiated project to further explore ideas of built-in sentimentality within our possessions. The aim is to make stronger emotional relationships with our belongings and encourage life-long use. The shelves are CNC cut in oak veneered plywood to the customers measurements. They are intended to be used throughout life as storage for personal belongings. On death, the shelves are dismantled and rebuilt as a coffin.London Metropolitan University

Friday 3 April 2009

Thursday 2 April 2009

Bookshelf portraits

Victoria Reichelt paints portraits of bookshelves. Pictured above is The Coorey Family, oil on canvas, 2009, 148 x 37cm.
"While some of these bookshelf paintings are of random books, I’ve recently done a series that are portraits of people. So I’d go to their houses and photograph their bookshelves and then make paintings from the photos as a way of telling the viewer about the person."

Interesting article on Reichelt at Art Monthly and interview at Inside Out blog with details of her exhibition Bibliomania: The Bookshelf Portrait Project at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

Victoria Reichelt

Wednesday 1 April 2009


Based on Parisian Graffiti art, the bookcase aims to offer new perspective on the craft by reinterpreting it in a three-dimensional way.
Charles Kalpakian