Sunday 19 April 2009

How to bling up your 'Billy' bookcase

Dan Black and Martin Blum are behind Anglo-Swiss design consultancy Black + Blum. As well as advising other companies on creative issues, they design their own range of products for the home.

"Our main priority was to give this piece a bit of character. In its basic form, it is very recognisable as the cheapest bit of shelving you can buy from Ikea, so we wanted to give it a new identity as well as a function by turning it into a self-contained home-office unit.

"We joined two of the shelves with hinges to create a work surface that can be folded up to hide a laptop. We hung magazine racks on each side and added one at the top to change the shape – it almost looks like a winged creature now.

"Staring at the back of a bookcase while you work wouldn't have been very inspiring, so we laminated some fake grass to add an outdoors feel to the back and added a blackboard."

The Independent


.:.A Luciana.:. said...

That´s not the most beautiful bookcase in the world, but it does help you with your books and home office!

Jasmin said...

This is so great. Do you think you could also post a picture with the laptop stand folded? I would really appreciate it.


Don Chan said...

yep, agreed with nesaja,

any picture for the laptop stand folded?