Monday 20 April 2009

Mr Moon shelf

Reversible Finger joined solid oak wall mounted shelving, suitable for all wall types. 240x240x720
A good few years back, Keith Moon commissioned me to make him some simple, wooden wall mounted shelves. Having completed the job and delivered the goods, the rest was up to Keith. As we know, Keith was quite prone to the odd drink or two. One night after a near lethal amount of alcohol and various narcotics Keith attempted to put the shelf up himself. Without a power drill to drill the holes in the wall he soon became frustrated and lost him temper. In a fit of rock and roll excessiveness he picked up a shelf and launched it at the wall. One end of the shelf lodged itself in the wall and stuck out at an angle.
Keith then vomited and passed out.
The following morning, Keith and the other members of The Who stood and observed the sight. They all agreed it should go into production...
Richard Shed