Sunday 20 January 2008


"book and shelf" is a new project that literally combines books, selected and coordinated by book curator Haba Yoshitaka's firm Bach, with a shelf created especially for them by nendo. "book and shelf" presents these two as a set, making it easy for users to acquire their own "book collection", and proposing a new model for product sales.For the production system, Haba chooses a layout for the books within the 36-cm-square dimensions of the shelving unit, then we cut, assemble and glue the layers based on these specifications. This allows us to work in a small production run, which preserves the coordinator's freedom to choose different arrangements for different sets of books, and gives the user the feeling of owning an order-made product that works only with the books it contains. When you pull out the metal plate with the brand name, a small pamphlet with information about the books in the shelf appears along with it.

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