Tuesday 1 July 2008


Marino Rossato, 2007. White coated modular bookcase with or without coloured back. Dimension: cm. 90x90 deep. cm. 24

Considering it just a bookcase will mean diminishing its value, Trilli is a wall ‘sculpture’ composed by versatile suspended wall units, to be shaped in a creative way.
The base module (90x90 cm.) is realised in P.E. (polyurethane foam) lacquered glossy white. It can be customised thanks to methacrylate backs, available in six chromatic variances: orange, red, light blue, fuchsia, green and black. The different shape and deepness of the modules (12, 18 and 24 cm.) design empty and filled volumes.The module can be used singularly or flanked to other modules, creating a facade in movement. Trilli is a decorative-functional object that leaves to the final user a free interpretation of its use and confreres character to the house.

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