Thursday 27 August 2009


Life is a chaos. So is our bookshelf. We didn’t think outside of the box. We just thought many boxes. You add your playful creativity and the result is a one of a kind. Think of Varvis as a rebel among bookshelves. Conformity is for cowards. Varvis dares to be different and will recreate itself over time. Challenge your creativity! With a metallic frame, Varvis stands firmly on the ground. It’s the four wooden modules, all different in sizes, shapes and colors, that challenge your creativity. Varvis eagerly lets you build and create. Again, again and again… The idea is that, out of these modules, you can create your own unique bookshelf according to personal taste and preferences. This is Lego for big boys and girls! MATERIAL : MDF and metal
Gylldorff & Svalin

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