Friday 26 February 2010

Hanging Bookcase

Using less material for its construction that typical bookcases, the Hanging Bookcase was inspired by the racks used to dry laundry. Each book envelopes a vertical wire (which positions it), with its base resting on a horizontal wire (which bears its weight). The space between the wires and books gives a high degree of transparency, and the bookcase itself is lightweight.
The grid format in which the books are arranged makes it easy to locate each specific book, and they can be easily categorised. The space between the wires differs, however, to suit different book thicknesses. At the left of the Hanging Bookcase, the wires are six centimetres apart; the remaining wires are four centimetres apart. The wires are tightly strung to resist deformation, even when significant weight is applied. The size of the bookcase was determined by the scale and load-bearing strength of steel wire.
The wires can also be used as bookmarks, with the book slotted onto the wire at the appropriate page. The yellow book cards, which are hung on the horizontal wires, can be used for classification purposes and to assist with locating books quickly.
Bao Haimo, Yu Renzhuo, Ma Hu, Yao Shuai, Yu Meng

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