Friday 22 September 2017

London's smallest library at London Design Festival

MINI UK presents the MINI LIVING URBAN CABIN: a communal modular-structure on the Southbank, in partnership with Sam Jacob Studio. MINI launches London's smallest library at London Design Festival. Book lovers will be able to swap well-thumbed favourites for one of the London-themed books at the MINI LIVING - URBAN CABIN, a 15 sqm micro-house, from 20th-24th September.
Architect Sam Jacob pays homage to the British library within the Urban Cabin by installing its very own microlibrary. A response to a decline in the usage of UK libraries, Jacob explains, “London is a city of books before it is a city of architecture. We created this library as an extension to domestic space that contains a certain spirit of the city. Recalling the grand libraries as well as the book-lined studies of domestic life.” The micro-library is filled with a diverse selection of books that describe ways of living in London. A quiet space to enjoy reading, share stories or book recommendations, it creates a perfect contrast to the lively atmosphere of the kitchen.

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