Monday 9 November 2009


Beyond being a multiple-use object Scalo – like many of us – has two souls. Normally it is a wooden monolith, lacking handles or other external protrusions. Only two side openings allow to catch a glimpse of a colourful inner world. Those who see it from this point of view can use it as a sidetable or a stool. To access its other soul one only has to remove from its side a stainless steel lock. This will allow Scalo to open, to rotate and to become a new form, revealing its hidden identity that gives it its name: a small colourful library step ladder (scala) that doubles as a small bookcase. Like a magic key that opens up new uses, the stainless steel lock, once re-inserted in the back of the object, will set it in the open configuration and allow it to be moved around. Beoc and cerruti baleri chose a traditional manufacturing technology to make it precious, with a noble structure of bent plywood that reveals itself on the edges of the internal panels and steps. Scalo’s introverted nature - it doesn’t reveal any hinges or other mechanical component when it is closed - makes it a simple and yet sophisticated character.

Cerruti Baleri

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