Tuesday 25 January 2011


Luoto is a family of space elements, experimenting on the shift and communication between interior and exterior, social and intimate, center and perifery, dynamics and stillness. It occupies a small corner of the world, creating room for everyday situations. The idea of Luoto is to offer a place to rest and imagine, taking your own time and space.

The idea of Luoto is based on the concept of the growing box: an object that cannot be identified as a specific typology: the initial container becomes a mobile table, and evolves into a multifunctional structure able to host differents activities (study, introspection, relax) on two levels, and allows, by revolving itself, to be open or closed to the sorroundings. Its mobility and vertical shape make it an object which allows to utilize and enjoy totally the domestic environment. The outer metallic shell is a protection that contains a wooden warm soul.
Rintala Eggertsson

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