Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shelf Conscious

The Guardian has launched a Flickr group to showcase readers' bookshelves.
Are you pedantic when it comes to arranging your books? Do you sit them on your shelf in order of height, colour or age? By genre? In the order you bought them? Do you place novels side by side only if you think the characters in them would get along in real life? Whatever your scheme and the reasons for it, we want to know.


Unknown said...

As to me, I put together my book by genre, separated by other things or free space. Then, if I have enough, by colour. Nice to read, nice to see.

Unknown said...

My bookshelves are so full that they are double stacked in places so organization is key. Everything is organized by genre and author but not in alphabetical order, the ones I like best are at eye height front row with the the overflow for each author tucked behind. It works for me even if it's not the easiest to explain.