Monday, 30 July 2012

Thomas Jefferson's Revolving Bookcase

Jefferson needed to reference multiple sources, but found finding, opening and closing books cumbersome and time-wasting. So, he invented this revolving book stand which allowed him to quickly and easily view five books with the spin of the wrist. The footprint, when closed is 13 inches (33 cm) square. It stands15 inches (38 cm) high. The four sides open and their inclination can be adjusted to any angle between 0 to 50 degrees. The top leaf inclination is 60 degrees.
Johnson Artisan on Etsy


Dominic Jones said...

Was Jefferson a cheese fan then?

Man of la Book said...

I saw it when we visited Monticello. They have a replica which you can spin around - pretty cool.

Dollarstorebucket said...

Watch "The Woodwright's Shop" to learn how to build your own.