Thursday 20 December 2012

The Book Shelf

The intention of The Book Shelf design is to bring to life an everyday object well-liked by everyone in form of a new practical design that symbolises something greater than the object itself. Playing with the roles of form and function and an element of surprise, the super-sized book creates a library of stories, adventures, knowledge and fairytales. It represents a door into your own imagination and creativity, reproducing the feeling of immersion in itself. The book as a book shelf offers a blank canvas to be filled with stories and knowldege, encouraging your mind to break free of the everyday. It is ‚just’ a book shelf but it creates a focal point by standing out as a centerpiece in its own right without need for further decoration. While the design is simple and modern to fit into any contemporary or minimalistic home or commercial interior, it brings along a sense of romanticism and cosiness.
Aline Dürr

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