Thursday 6 December 2012

The Secret History of Second-Hand Books

An exhibition by freelance writer Wayne Gooderham Back at The Café at Foyles, First Floor, Charing Cross Road, London. To 13th December.

After years of buying second-hand books, writer Wayne Gooderham began to notice he was accidentally accumulating an intriguing sub-collection: second-hand books inscribed with personal messages. Ranging from the awkward scratchings of adolescent infatuation to the resentful recriminations of love affairs gone awry, each and every scribble and scrawl told a different story. Now Wayne has selected the very best examples from his collection and will be displaying these in a special exhibition in the Café at Foyles - a must for bibliophiles, book lovers and anyone who appreciates the magic of the physical book. Please note that due to the arrangement of the Café, viewing of the artwork may be restricted.
Foyles and Book Dedications

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