Saturday 27 September 2008

Bookcases branch out in versatility and style to adapt to our lives

The genre has changed enormously in the last couple of years. One catalyst has been the explosion of flat-screen TVs, whose stretched-out, widescreen format has necessitated a shift in the horizontal proportions of cabinetry. Many wall systems are available as components that combine open and closed storage and accommodate other features such as wine bars or home-office nooks.

A dedicated home library is likely to have built-in cabinetry. But homeowners with less space, budget or need can choose among freestanding bookshelves with abundant style options. Furniture manufacturers are taking into account a wider range of applications that extends use in interior spaces, including dining areas, bedrooms and baths. And besides dressed-up cabinetry and a variety of wood and painted finishes, bookcases are assuming unconventional looks.

Article by Elaine Markoutsas continues at The Detroit News

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