Thursday, 28 July 2011

Print Books: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

As I packed for the move, I questioned whether it made financial sense to ship my several hundred books across the country, and more important, if I went through the trouble of doing this, what was the point when they would only sit untouched in a different city, just as they have for so many years in New York?
Nick Bilton, New York Times


Unknown said...

I am down to 2 Uhaul book boxes. Was 40 of them and 1000's of books 10 years ago. Let them go.

Anonymous said...

It is a fantastic oportunity to find again That book you loved and then forgot.

Maybe you could sort them out by importance/meaning and keep the first 15 or 20 books.

Or perhaps you can "lend" them to your friends... let them worry about that ton of books!

the wordy gecko said...

If you really don't want them anymore, and can't imagine reading them or even referring to them again, then probably better to pass them on to those who might appreciate them. Have you heard of BookMooch?