Monday 30 January 2012

DIY Shipping Pallet Bookshelf and Bike Rack

The pallets shelves were rough and dirty. I picked 4 pallets up off a nearby street, made the shelves, and screwed them directly into my drywall with drywall anchors. Each pallet had about 10 screws across the pallet to distribute the weight; each anchor had a 40 lb hanging capacity. The shelves were made by prying off the slats with handy tools, and then sawing out slots so that they they sit snuggly into the three main pallet supports. After that, you can gently screw the "shelves" into the vertical slats that remain! No varnishing; just raw wood and rusty nails. Functions moderately well to showcase your books but not great for daily access to your library!
Chris Meierling/Shutter

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