Wednesday 16 January 2013

Bookcases in illuminated medieval manuscripts

Valerius Maximus, translated by Simon de Hesdin and Nicholas de Gonesse, Facta et dicta memorabilia. Netherlands, S. (Bruges); 1479. Miniature of the translator, Simon de Hesdin, at work in his study, with an inscription on the wall reading, 'Je suis bien / Toudis Joieulx', and a date '1479' with words 'de anno' inscribed on a scroll pending from a bookshelf; with a full border containing the royal arms of England on two banners held by angels, and on a shield surrounded by the Garter with the motto 'Honny soit qui mal y pense', and surmounted by a crowned helm with a mantling in Edward IV's colours of red and blue and a crest of a white lion, with two other shields bearing the same arms for Edward's sons, and the York badge of white rose-en-soleil with the motto 'Dieu est mon droit'; and a foliate initial 'L'(a brieste), at the beginning of book 1.
British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

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