Saturday, 18 June 2011

Will the home library survive the surge of the e-book?

"I've not actually read any of them. I just love the bindings." So said the actress Davinia Taylor earlier this year when she decided to put her house on the market – complete with its carefully-sourced collection of classic books. Rarely removed from their perch on a bookcase in the living room, their primary purpose was to disguise Taylor's walk-in fridge. And so, with the fridge no longer destined to be a feature in her life, the books were deemed redundant.
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Unknown said...

That is so sad! Though I guess I wouldn't mind inheriting her collection..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have recently discovered yor blog, and it's awesome!

Answering the title question, I just found this article in Wired that I think is closely related: