Friday 30 September 2011

Le Hasard

Hasard is a bench, a tablet and two shelves.
It is a whole set or three separate elements.
To be arranged as you wish, or curved around the ’nenuphare’ sofa as its satellite.
It is a space, shapes, colors, rythms eager to show their freedom, it is a storage furniture set.
It is a tower, a folding screen, a coffee table, a bench, a tablet, a desk, shelves, a bookcase.
It is a whole mobile set: a room by itself.
It is an open structure, whose rythms are absolutely free.
Its outline makes it an informal piece of furniture, both open to the other and protecting one’s personal inner space.
It has no side, no bottom, you can see it from any angle, it is a space to be by yourself or to share with people.

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