Saturday 22 March 2008


"Parallax" shelving system
Knowing by statistics that the person we love is 72,8% water, we believe reality is defined by perception. Can we design perceptions and make someone love 86,2% aluminium? Designing objects that interact more actively with our perception through the parallax effect we can experience when moving around them, was one way to try. To eliminate bookends, we introduced slopes on shelves, this was the starting point to explore the use of oblique lines to enhance the parallax changes in our personal perceptions.
Tree Dimensional Shelf.
Understanding nature instead of over processing it: although widely used, trees are usually hidden and forgotten in over processed products (like wood shelves and books).Tree Dimensional Shelf is a sculptural shelf using Blizzard's new material performances to highlight and pay tribute to this natural structure and essential living being.
Gravitate Your Shelf is a shelving system and 360º adjusting room divider, using just two different elements - Blizzard shelves and methacrylate structural spheres - with an original no tool assembly system, based in shelves hole dimensions and gravity. The structural transparent methacrylate spheres allow the system to rotate while maintaining the shelves in the same height due to the hole dimensions in the Blizzard shelves.

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