Friday, 4 January 2013

Cité du Livre

Cité du Livre is a meeting place for all forms of artistic expression. Built around the rich heritage foundations of the Méjanes library (the Marquis of Méjanes left a collection of 80,000 volumes when he died in 1786). Cité du Livre, in association with the Saint John Perse Foundation and the Institute of Image and the "Tous Courts" Festival, organise seminars, meetings and theme exhibitions: Ecritures Croisées, Fête du Livre, Livre en fête. It also houses an international video library of Lyric Art, created in 1991. Since 1996 it has hosted the Prejlocaj Ballet. Cité du Livre

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'd love to see that one day. New Year's Resolutions! Great blog, thanks.